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  1. As @fde101 says, 32-bit applications do run under Mojave, although I can't myself check the performance of your versions of Acrobat Pro or Illustrator. One thing to consider, though, is that if you're using the Mid 2009 MacBook Pro listed in your profile, it's not Mojave compatible. Even Sierra and High Sierra won't run: I'm pretty sure El Cap is the end of the line. I don't know if it's any help but there's also Markzware FlightCheck. It's not free, but it looks a bit less expensive than PDF Toolbox. I haven't used it myself.
  2. To be perfectly honest I don't give a hoot if Affinity introduces the pica as a measurement option, as long as it doesn't add to to the cost of the final product or slow down development. It won't stop me using mm, especially when sums like 10mm = 1cm are a lot simpler for my poor brain than what I'm reading on Wikipedia: To date, in printing three pica measures are used: The French pica of 12 Didot points (also called cicéro) generally is: 12 × 0.376 = 4.512 mm (0.1776 in). The American pica of 0.16604 inches (4.217 mm). It was established by the United States Type Founders' Association in 1886.[1][2] In TeX one pica is 12⁄72.27 of an inch. The contemporary computer PostScript pica is exactly 1⁄6 of an inch or 1⁄72 of a foot, i.e. 4.233 mm or 0.166 inches. Life's too short...
  3. I can see why it's happening - if you select a single page in the Pages panel, and apply a spread master to it, then only the single page (in my case the right) is modified. More weirdness though... I've now managed to apply the same master to my spread - twice: I don't think this is a good idea. master oddity.afpub
  4. Both methods work for me, but somewhat annoyingly the "repeat key" input panel is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen rather than above the text: (On one occasion while testing, I found that using the 'dead key' method briefly disabled the 'repeat key' method, but I can't replicate the issue.)
  5. In the attached document, the dull yellow rectangle on the master spread only appears on the right-hand page of the 2-3 spread. Master: Spread: master oddity.afpub
  6. Hi @fde101 On a document page, I see master page guides as dotted lines and 'local' page guides as solid lines: Have you definitely applied a master to your page? That has caught me out once or twice.
  7. All of which raises the question - are masters editable or not? If I create a master page with text frames on it, and apply it to a page within my document, and then look at the layers panel for that page, the Master layer is locked. But as @jhmdigital has pointed out, it is perfectly possible (and very easy) to expose the contents of the Master layer, and select one of the nested text frames, and edit the text within that frame. In the grab below I'm working on the 2-3 spread. Both of the text frames are nested in the Master layer: This will of course modify the text on the master page itself, and on any other pages to which the master has been applied. Which could come as a nasty shock if you think you're just modifying the single page. This isn't the same thing as 'releasing' objects from the master pages, as I believe can be done with Indesign. It's a strange sort of halfway house between locked masters and unlocked masters.
  8. If you place text into a cell and style it with a bullet, the tab character from the bullet style appears in the cell.
  9. If I use the Place Picture tool without a picture frame previously selected, and drop the image straight onto the page, then it crops and scales in a more 'traditional' way - ie drag the corners to scale, use the crop tool to crop. Dragging corners works the "Affinity" way - the image retains its proportions by default, without using a modifier.
  10. Hi @Rory Mole Go to Preferences - General and check "Insert filler text as text" Cheers, h_d
  11. With Display Threshold set to 50%, you will only see the grid if your view is zoomed to 50% or more. It may be that you're changing your view zoom and causing the grid to pop in and pop out.
  12. And here's a screenshot on MacOS: There is no magnifying glass or pull-down triangle. Typing Cmd+f should bring up the find and replace dialog on MacOS.
  13. If you multiply both the width and the height of a rectangle by 2, its area will be multiplied by 4. The units are irrevelant. w is the original width, h is the original height, a is the original area w(mm)*h(mm)=a(sq mm) 2w(mm)*2h(mm)=4a(sq mm) Don't add - multiply.
  14. Are you on a laptop with a trackpad? If so, try a two-fingered click on the pad. You may need to set this up in System Prefs - Trackpad - Point & Click - Secondary Click. Ctrl-click doesn't work for me on the laptop, two-finger click does.
  15. In MacOs you can turn any document into a Stationery Pad (Get Info on the file in Finder). This tells the system to create and open a copy of the original when it's double-clicked to open it: Not sure if there's a Windows equivalent though.
  16. It's set to 0% by default: (Second row in the justification options.)
  17. On a Mac, keep the 'e' key pressed down and you can choose.
  18. Select a tab character from within a non-table text frame and copy and paste it into the table cell. In your lower image, the word "Objective" is aligned to the first line indent (the downward-pointing arrow at the top of the text ruler). I don't think there's a tab in the text.
  19. Choose the Place Image tool and navigate to Media - Photos: Hope this helps!
  20. Yeah I don't think searching on these Support Forums finds anything in the Beta Forums.
  21. At least you can vote yours out in a couple of years. Looks like we're stuck with Brexit. Whole world going doolally. Fritters are good if you can get the flour.
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