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  1. Neither issue fixed fixed in Cheers, H
  2. And in OSX Catalina. Pull down a guide, snap the baseline, not the bounding box.
  3. Hi @AAC I don't think it's you - I find exactly the same thing. And it's not just sharpening: Adjustments, Live Filters, Tone Mapping, brushes - nothing I do alters it in any way, even if I delete the extra layers and just apply edits to the Background layer. However, I exported it to .jpg and the exported version works as expected. My guess is that the file is corrupted, but maybe someone from Affinity can offer more insight.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised. I may have to move the older stuff off the computer entirely, because with a Plugin Support Path of / (as recommended) the new version is definitely going to find the old *.config files.
  5. @HolgerCarl I have a MacBook Pro and a very basic Wacom tablet. You may need to change the Controller settings in the Context toolbar: With the Controller set to None, pen pressure doesn't work for me. With Brush Defaults it does. Hope this helps, H
  6. I'm certainly seeing some oddities with the 30-day free trial of NIK 2.5 running on Catalina/Photo 1.8.1, similar setup to @ipb Running HDR Efex Pro 2 has just crashed Photo a couple of times, and before that I was getting some horrible visual glitches: Followed by misaligned chunks of the image when committing the NIK edit (I can't replicate this at the moment, so no screen shots). I'm also seeing display issues with the Viveza interface - unlabelled sliders, together with a washed-out image display not reflecting the plugin settings, the view in the Loupe or the results when committed. Viveza hasn't crashed on me (yet...) Hard to know if it's a problem with Photo or the NIK plugins, or both, or neither... I think I'll scrub my 30-day trial and go back to the Google versions. I don't see any need to re-install.
  7. @Designer1 I believe that the Geometry/Divide command has picked up some nasty bugs in version 1.8.1. As I understand it the developers are aware.
  8. Glad it was helpful! These are my settings in the Paragraph panel: Right aligned in the top row, and the values that you need to look at are in the middle column under "Spacing" - 26 is the Right Indent, 11.9 is Last Line Outdent which seems to adjust itself automatically as I adjust the Right Indent. The text box was created using the Frame Text Tool, and in version 1.8.1 the Text Ruler at the top appears to be there all the time. It doesn't appear if you use the Artistic Text Tool, and looking at some older posts, it may be that in earlier builds of Publisher (eg 1.7.x) you could show and hide the Text Ruler from the View menu. Cheers, H
  9. Hi @Sagan and welcome! It looks to me as though your candy heart group doesn't have a tick in the box next to it. That means it and its members have been set to invisible. Tick the box and see?
  10. It also requires a 64-bit processor, so it's hardware dependent too: Don't quote me, but pre-2007 hardware may not play ball.
  11. That is indeed the main menu. If you click About... you'll get a splash screen indicating which version of Photo you're running, below the word "Photo": The most recent commercial release is 1.8.1. Your main menu doesn't include a "Check for updates" menu item, which suggests to me that you bought the original from the Mac AppStore. If you launch the Mac AppStore and search for Affinity Photo, you'll find this page: If the button in the top right says "Update", then click it to update. If it says "Open", then the AppStore thinks you're already up to date.
  12. It sounds as though it's been written by someone who is very set in their ways, who has invested huge amounts of time in the other two programs, and who didn't expect to be on a learning curve. Without knowing which Affinity program she was using, it's hard to offer much more in the way of comment. "Should be"? Who says? Leading applies to an entire paragraph, it makes perfect sense to have it in the paragraph settings. I can see it. It's really simple. There's none so blind as them as won't see...
  13. If you go to Select - Select Sampled Colour: Click to select the colour you want to modify. You can adjust the tolerance and then apply an adjustment layer (HSL for example). Hope this helps.
  14. Launch the AppStore, search for Designer and click through. You should see an Update button. Worked for me last night on the UK AppStore. Cheers, H
  15. You can always back up before installing updates, and then revert to your backup. FWIW I don't see any way of reverting to earlier versions via the Affinity Store either. My only available download of Publisher is 1.8.1.
  16. I don't believe so, no. I have exactly the same purchase history (Photo and Designer from the App Store, Publisher from Affinity) and I have to say it's never caused any issues. Cheers, H
  17. I'm pretty sure that the ICONIC "templates" in the free download aren't in the new Template file format. They're ordinary Affinity Designer documents (name extension .afdesign) so I don't think they'll get picked up by the New from Template dialog in Designer 1.8. Template documents have the name extension .aftemplate and I don't believe any have been offered, for sale or free, in the Affinity store. In the meantime, you can open the ICONIC documents from File -> Open rather than from File -> New. Cheers, H
  18. If you're using Photo and the Freehand Selection Tool isn't showing, click the little triangle next to the Rectangular Marquee Tool and choose it from the popup:
  19. Hi, Further to my post suggesting the addition of a Cancel button to the MacBook Pro Touch Bar in Develop Persona: Thanks for implementing this feature so quickly! Unfortunately the new Cancel button in the Touch Bar doesn't work in the same way as the on-screen equivalent. If I open a RAW file, decide I don't want to proceed and click the on-screen Cancel button, I get the following dialog: Clicking Yes closes the RAW file without committing any edits. But if I click the Touch Bar Cancel button, I am switched immediately into Photo Persona, not committing any edits (not even those applied automatically by the Assistant), leaving me with an unprocessed file open on screen which I actually wanted to close. If I start in Photo Persona (say editing a .jpg) and switch to Develop Persona, then click either the on-screen or Touch Bar Cancel button, I'm switched back to Photo Persona without committing the Develop edits. This seems to be correct behaviour. It's the behaviour that occurs when using the Touch Bar button to Cancel an edit in Develop and close the RAW file without proceeding that doesn't work correctly. It's inconsistent with the behaviour of the on-screen button. Thanks! H
  20. Looks from your original screen shot that you were trying to save back to an SD card or similar ("Volumes/NO NAME..."). Maybe the card was locked? Or maybe the batch processor doesn't save to external storage media?
  21. In line with @walt.farrell's explanation of Resample mode, as far as I can see it works exactly the same in the most recent beta for Mac (GM Set your units to whatever you want, change resolution if required, specify crop dimensions, adjust your cropping rectangle and click Apply (or press enter). The only UI element that sticks to pixels is the "Crop" indicator (under Status in my screen shot). The units in the input boxes and the Units popup remain as set by the operator. So I reckon Resample is the new Absolute.
  22. Hi @MEB The Cancel button is there, but unfortunately it doesn't work in the same way as the on-screen version. Clicking the Touch Bar version immediately switches me into Photo Persona without committing any changes made during the Develop session. I would expect it to ask for confirmation that I want to close my raw image without further processing, like the dialog I get when clicking the on-screen Cancel button: Should I file a bug in the Beta section? Cheers, H
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