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  1. Looks from your original screen shot that you were trying to save back to an SD card or similar ("Volumes/NO NAME..."). Maybe the card was locked? Or maybe the batch processor doesn't save to external storage media?
  2. In line with @walt.farrell's explanation of Resample mode, as far as I can see it works exactly the same in the most recent beta for Mac (GM Set your units to whatever you want, change resolution if required, specify crop dimensions, adjust your cropping rectangle and click Apply (or press enter). The only UI element that sticks to pixels is the "Crop" indicator (under Status in my screen shot). The units in the input boxes and the Units popup remain as set by the operator. So I reckon Resample is the new Absolute.
  3. Hi @MEB The Cancel button is there, but unfortunately it doesn't work in the same way as the on-screen version. Clicking the Touch Bar version immediately switches me into Photo Persona without committing any changes made during the Develop session. I would expect it to ask for confirmation that I want to close my raw image without further processing, like the dialog I get when clicking the on-screen Cancel button: Should I file a bug in the Beta section? Cheers, H
  4. Thanks @MEB I’ll check it out when I’m back on my laptop.
  5. Hi @Modavated and welcome! This works for me: After you've resized your canvas, make sure you have a Transparent Background: Then go to File - Export. Choose a format that supports transparency (such as .png) and make sure Whole Document is selected: This gives me a .png file 1000x1000, with transparency down the sides: Hope this helps! H
  6. Hi @Noddy and welcome to the Forums! Do you mean the Navigator panel? This one: If so, go to View - Studio and make sure Navigator is selected. If it is, and you can't see it on screen, then it may be nested beside other panels like this: Click the word Navigator to make it visible. If all else fails, go to View - Studio and choose Reset Studio. That should make Navigator visible in the lowest nest of panels. Cheers, H
  7. Hi @CanTex and welcome! This is a support forum for Serif's Affinity products, not SnapSeed. Hope you find what you're looking for! Cheers, H
  8. Hi @Jeff B and welcome to the Forums! This isn't possible. You would need to buy a new Windows licence of the software for your PC. Cheers, H
  9. When I use a Gradient Overlay (or a Brush Overlay) in Develop Persona, the Clarity adjustment slider under Enhance becomes unavailable. It is available when editing the master: I noticed this just now in Cheers, H
  10. Well it's not an Affinity solution @ELBeavers, but I can offer you an Automator application that will quickly batch resize image files to 2000px on the longest dimension, keeping the other dimension in proportion, and setting the resolution to 72dpi. dm me if you're interested. Cheers, H
  11. Without a link to the video it's hard to know what you're trying to follow, but this works for me: Flow in the text. Use the Place Image tool to choose and drop the image onto the page. Use the Move tool to resize the image and place it over the text frame in the position you want it. Do not select the text insertion point. Stick with the Move tool and keep the image selected. Pull down the Layer menu and choose Inline in Text. Your image layer should now be nested in the text frame layer, and will move as you edit the text.
  12. But you can use spreads in Publisher and export as single-page PDFs. See @walt.farrell's post If you really want to work in single pages it will be more complex. You would need to set up left and right masters. The bleed setup will be the same as in my original screen shots (as bleed is document-based) but you'll need to go through your document making sure the right master is applied to odd-numbered pages and the left master is applied to even-numbered pages. I would honestly work with spreads and export as single pages.
  13. I don't know if it's relevant but they're not the same image. In the Photoshop version the grey catches are retracted. In the Affinity Photo versions they're extended. You might care to upload your original images to see if anyone can help. Cheers H
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