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  1. +1 for idml import! Otherwise some people might be reluctant to change to AP because of the extra work.
  2. If you are a Designer this is so useful. All your document’s settings at setup. +1!
  3. World you be so kind to keep me up to date please with the beta. I am anxious to dump the whole Adobe thing. I don't check here often because nothing is happening (that we can see... give us a sneek peek please. Even a screenshot will make us go wild info@despin.be
  4. Hi assurer, thanks for the info. It looks that was specific to that specific document. I've tried a few others now and they do include the bleed in the exported PDF. Thanks for the quick reply!
  5. When exporting to pdf from one document without dartboard the document bleed is included if well setup. But when you create an artboard or have multiple artboards which is useful with multiple designs in one document the bleed disappears when exporting to pdf? This isn't very useful! Is there a solution? BTW is there an option to see the bleed when you are working or is everything masked by default?
  6. I am interested in switching our printshop to Affinity software in the next year, starting from the moment Affinity Publisher comes out. Why? Because it is great software, sometimes even better and faster than its Adobe counterparts. Is there a way to get into the beta program for Affinity Photo and Designer? I own Affinity Photo and Designer. And even more I want to get in the alpha or beta program for Publisher. In our Printshop we have a Apogee CTP-rip so I can render pdf's to see if some features produce print errors and so on. I am used to preflighting and checking pdf's for CTP-work. We also have a Xerox rip. If we switch to Affinity for our entire team, we need 10 copies of Photo, Designer and Publisher. I love trying good software, feature tryout and thinking about future features, and work in one other beta program for Tumult Hype (Web design). I also design websites and do video production so I can use output from Affinitys software for various purposes. Off course I do this for free. Sincerely, Korneel Bonte info@despin.be
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