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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in symbol translation values get modified when "copying to clipboard"   
    Hi Schubi63,
    You can upload them using this link.
    Thanks for your report.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Chris B in Affinity Designer Crash !! everytime I use Gradient !!   
    Thanks Schubi63, got the crash. Thanks for linking me in the other thread. I'll get this logged. 
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    Schubi63 reacted to Sean P in symbols - that exist only on the paper   
    Great thank you! I've passed it onto development now.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Dmitri T. in Save Text Style   
    @A_B_C, thank you, Alex! )
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    Schubi63 reacted to Sean P in inconsistence in deleting artboards   
    Hi Schubi63,

    This is a known issue and is with development to look into. Thanks for letting us know!
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in wrong behavior when adding a symbol into a symbol   
    Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for your report. I will check if we already have this one logged and add it in case it's not.
    [EDIT] Issue logged.
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in [Fixed] AD crashes when moving artboard around   
    Yes, you are uploading directly to Serif's dropbox account.
    All files will be deleted after being checked.
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in [Fixed] AD crashes when moving artboard around   
    Thanks for the files Schubi63. Yes, it was uploaded correctly.
    I'm also able to replicate the crash here. I'm passing the files to the dev team.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Clawiste in Affnity Designer groups/search/order in symbols palette   
    I would love to see ability to group/search/order symbols in symbols palette, for example currently I'm working on UI kit and there are a bunch of symbols and it would significantly reduce a time searching for a specific symbol
    Thank you!
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in scale Text on path   
    Hi Schubi63,
    How are you scaling the logo? If you use the lowest handle on the bottom right of the bounding box (the one that's "detached" from it) it should scale the text on the path instead of reflowing it. This is also valid for groups containing frame text objects and text on path objects.
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    Schubi63 reacted to X901 in Affinity Designer Crash !! everytime I use Gradient !!   
    Hi , 

    Guys there is annoying Crash everytime I use Gradient 

    and I want to select second color the app crash , and when I open it , I re-select two colors and again crash !!!!!

    WTF ?

    I really want to smash the screen -___-
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in How to rotate/scale several curve points at once?   
    It's not on the roadmap but i've added it to the Common Features Requests list sometime ago. It's up to the dev team to decide (if or) when this will be implemented. There's currently no eta for this, sorry.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Dimenta in How to rotate/scale several curve points at once?   
    +1 Scale and Rotate points = Point transformation tool
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    Schubi63 reacted to Johnnyx in How to rotate/scale several curve points at once?   
    New user :) Enjoying working with Affinity Designer - I've always found the rotate points feature extremely useful - so ..
    + another 
    Scale, Rotate points
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    Hi Bogar,
    Glad to know you have enjoyed the Workbook.
    Affinity Publisher will be out as a public Beta this year. There's no specific eta as far as i know.
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Random bug in resize   
    Hi Starcruiser,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    We are aware of an issue here in Affinity Photo. Can you please try this: when exporting the file click the More button and uncheck Embed Metadata. Then check your file. Does it keep the dpi you specified now?
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Polygon selection tool missing   
    Hi pmlegene,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Select the Free hand Selection Tool and change the Type to Polygonal on the top left on the context toolbar.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Dez! in How to rotate/scale several curve points at once?   
    Scale, Rotate points
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    Schubi63 reacted to Leafdancing in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.5.2 - Beta 4)   

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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in fake or real?   
    Hi Schubi63
    From their article: 
    Affinity Photo, is yours to download free now as a public beta before its final release next year.
    This refers to the actual public Beta phase that's running until Affinity Photo release on Windows. The retail/release version is NOT free, only the Public Beta. If you want to download Affinity Photo Beta for Windows you can do so through this forum here (the latest Beta is usually pinned at the top).
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    Schubi63 reacted to R C-R in fake or real?   
    It might be different for a PC, but when I click the download button on my Mac, I get a file named "chip-download.dmg," which is only 596 KB, far too small to be the actual Windows beta. More likely, it contains an app that downloads the beta from this forum ... perhaps with some "extras" like adware or spyware.
    I would not trust it.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Butler To Cats in fake or real?   
    At the end of the second paragraph it mentions "public beta", so I believe it is the same (expiring) public beta Windows version that you can download from this forum, via the top pinned post in the Affinity Photo on Windows Beta section.
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Then, this happened!   
    Check this video: attach_image_post.mov
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in cut outs   
    Hi hack501b,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    There will be magnetic & polygonal selection modes in the Free Hand Selection Tool in Affinity Photo 1.5.
    You may also try to use the Selection Brush Tool and then the Refine selection dialog (pressing the Refine... button in the context toolbar) for more complicated selections.
    Here's a video tutorial covering cutting out selections and another covering refining selections. For additional video covering this and other subjects please check the In-house Affinity Photo Video Tutorials thread.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Chris_K in first translation step after zooming in is too far   
    Hi Schubi63
    Thanks for the video I've managed to replicate this following it so I shall get this logged if it has not been already. Just as a side note using shift and the arrow keys moves the object by 10px instead of 1px, unless you have changed to values from the defaults

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