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  1. v 1.5.5. 2017.11.21 on MAC OS X 10.12.6 I connfirm the problem. Raster graphics are not synced at all. No graphic attribute is included in synchronization.
  2. Hi, I miss the ability to create overlapping effects to a single vector object. Eg. - Many outlines that everyone has different attributes, eg. Color, size and other attributes. - Many different fillings including gradients. This would allow me to create advanced and complex graphic styles that could easily change. The possibilities are virtually endless and very time-saving in case of reissue or modification. Ai illustartor: https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/appearance-attributes.html Best Regards
  3. Hi, Export. I miss: Opportunities to export all sides but as separate files. Options for Field Area: 1. Export selected pages (pallet layers) 2. File resolution in ppi without defining size. 3. Note, currently the Presets option does not show my defined "Presets"? Why? Best Regards!
  4. Hello! Welcome the first time and Congratulations! I work for 12 years at Adobe, Ai and I am glad that I can now work on Affinity. Fingers crossed! My first request. Management views. I miss: Rapid popup menu with views zooming options. Currently it is: After turning on the zoom icon (z) can choose from a menu pop up the amount of magnification. I wish it was still on the list: 1. the name of defined views from the View menu / Views 2. The ability to change the name and assign shortcuts to them. The list should be scrolling. Best to show in the entire contents. It has to be fast. Great that you can now define your own Views taking into account not only larger but also the rotation of the whole canvas. It's very simple to design such systems. Packaging. Thank you and best regards.
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