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  1. Hi Andy. Quoting you: Posted 31 January 2016 - 02:25 AM Hi David, DCP profile support is on our radar - we hope to get it implemented some time soon. Sorry I can't be any more specific! Thanks, Andy. Is .dcp in version 1.5? Kind Regards, David
  2. You've got it, R C-R. Do you know who it is that posts these tutorials? What I learned from this tutorial was nothing I could have known on my own. Made a BIG difference for me. Kind Regards, David
  3. This is what I really needed for Affinity Photo RAW conversion. Only been out a week. Great teaching. I thank you ! ! Kind regards, David
  4. Low tech: That's me as well, also, too. I have a Lightroom folder (don't get ahead of me) and I use that folder for my DAM, or, if you will, simple collection of image files. I don't see a need for DAM in Affinity Photo, at least not for me. That I do have a Lightroom folder simply makes it easy for me to know where my image files are. Most importantly for me, the Lightroom folder is on an external 2GB FW 800 HD. And is copied using SuperDuper, to another identical external HD, about once a month. You might say this is just like using Lightroom. It's easy for me to find image files to work with wether in Gimp, Affinity Photo, PS CS5, of Lightroom. Enjoy your Affinity Photo. Cheers David
  5. Can also use RPP 64, Raw Photo Processor 64, as RAW processor and the program will send the processed image file on to Affinity Photo. Cheers David
  6. Hello Andre. You are not alone! Kindly define what you are comparing to. Cheers David
  7. Hello Alex. I have an 2008 mac mini, 4,1 with 16 GB's RAM. Affinity Photo will be fine. I also have the MacBook pro 4,1, with a mere 6 GB's of RAM... You will be fine. Cheers David
  8. I do hope your issue is solved. Another option is using an outside RAW developer. Consider Raw Photo Processor 64 (RPP 64), or your Canon RAW developer. Happy Affinity Photoing Cheers David
  9. Members 567 posts LocationAlabama Posted Today, 11:13 AM Since there will always (hopefully!) be newbies---and the occasional oldie who I won't name here that sometimes forgets between updates---there should be a prominent sticky in the update notice warning that the current beta will now be obsolete and will no longer work. Lillie G: Here is a screen shot of beta 5. I still have beta 5 since this Mac has been offline. Please point out, the best you can where the obsolete sticky is placed. Cheers. David
  10. R C-R: Not everyone is on the "inside" and "know this" Serif: Be courteous, and thoughtful Let everyone know that an Affinity Photo version has been removed. It’s the right thing to do. You are not playing nice when an application quits and users of the application don’t know why. Cheers David
  11. uncle808us: I have similar opinion of Gimp. Now that 32 bit Gimp is available, I an not sure what good Affinity Photo is. I use Raw Photo Processor 64 (RPP64) for RAW conversion not only for Affinity Photo, but also Gimp. I will continue with Affinity Photo since refunds are non existent. I have no idea where Affinity Photo is headed. Cheers, David
  12. Well, Callum, I went through the mental and physical gyrations with iTunes, and they adamantly will not refund! ! Period!! The have a NO Refund policy which was sent to me. iTunes folks kept telling me to contact serif forum….huhhh? Even said contact serif. Just not possible to contact serif. And forum says, as you say, contact iTunes. Let’s face it, telling iTunes and telling serif forum, goes nowhere. I contacted the mac App Store support team as you suggest, and all I got was what I wrote above. I don’t have the unexpected crashes, any more, as uncle808us has mentioned. My issues are with color management, as you already know. Again, I am completely color managed. Professional display, digital capture, and Epson Pro 9900 printer. Prints coming from AP don’t look like what is on my display. Kind Regards, David4
  13. Now I cannot use the beta. Also get 'retail version required' and download the retail version again. Still cannot use beta. Cheers David4
  14. What's up? I have legally downloaded AP from app store. Now, today, when I open AP 1.4.2 (beta 5), I get the message the retail version is required.. I have the retail version! And, when I attempt to download the retails version again, it just opens. What’s up? What’s going on? Please help. Kind regards, David4 Update. I deleted the original application and downloaded it again. Beta still demands I have to make the purchase. What do I do?
  15. Regarding mac app store and licensing of AP, this is the new message I have received today. Go figure.
  16. AP's RAW is not much good for the kind of digital capture I do. I must use Lightroom 6.5.1, or Raw Photo Processor 64. Kind Regards, David
  17. "All sales and rentals of products are final." Quoted from the iTunes store. I was under the illusion that in the 90 day period, a refund was available. Even if I would have done 60 days, I would not get a refund. There is no way on this planet, that I know of, to communicate directly with serif. "Staff". How do we AP users communicate directly with Serif? “All sales and rentals of products are final.” is in the iTunes literature. And "Staff", Leigh, I still am getting the email on the wrong email address. Whatever you try, or do, is not working for the FORUM. Kind Regards, David4
  18. Posted 05 June 2016 - 12:00 PM jmac, glad you asked your questions. I would suggest you “google” device independent color management. But first, read what I have written. To start, let’s say I purchase, off the shelf, a color inkjet printer, a new computer, a new display, and 25 sheets of acid free archival paper that will fit my inkjet printer. I look at a digital image file on my new display. Looks okay. Send this image file to my new printer and the colors are dismal. So, I start changing density and color on the display, in order to make the printed image look the way I want. Or, another way would be to change printer settings, hoping to make the image look they way I want. This results in wasting ink and fine art paper. Neither are inexpensive. Finally after wasting money as well as time, I end up with a printed representation, or kind of, what I am looking for. Now, as Bill Nye the science guy would put it, consider it you will, creating a customization or custom profile with known standards, known characteristics, thoughtout this planet. So, using a known standard world wide, for this discussion, I use the X-Rite classic 24 patch cardboard target. It’s sort of 2 inches by 3.5 inches. I photograph the X-Rite classic 24 patch target and use software to profile my “camera > lens > lighting”. With software and hardware designed to create custom .icc profiles, I print a target based on this software, in my case, i!Profiler. I use the i1Pro version D, spectrophotometer, to read this target with it’s software. NEC’s SpectroView II application will create a target on my display that I read with the i1Pro spectrophotometer. These readings give me a device independent custom profile for everything I use in digital imaging. So, all equipment I use is now custom profiled. I can trust what I have digitally captured will print as a representation of the original capture. This is especially important when creating representations, or reproductions of an artist’s original intellectual property. Getting back to the X-Rite classic 24 patch target, I include this target during digital capture when of original art. I then have a “standard”. When doing portraiture, still lifes, and landscapes, the X-Rite classic 24 patch target in either in the digital capture or captured separately for use during digital development. Speaking of digital development, there is Raw Photo Processor 64 developer which uses the X-Rite classic 24 patch target for profiling the camera>lens>lighting>. Marvelous application. Once processed the file can be opened in AP, LR, PS, or any other program I choose. I have requested serif be able to read this custom camera profile. Staff has responded, this profile type will soon be readable. jmac, I have no idea why AP doesn’t reproduce color correctly. I don’t know code and don’t plan on understanding code. Sorry. I wrote in an earlier post I am not the creative type. That’s not really true. As a photographic artist, I pre visualize what the final print will be. I choose the lens needed to give the feeling I want in a capture. I use digital imaging applications to to be able to print what I have captured. I do dodging, burning in, white balance, luminance. I don’t create with AP, or PS. Regarding serif and correct color reproduction, you must ask serif. I have no clue. I just know the applications I use, do give the correct color reproduction. Write me or call me wrong. When I first read the Apple/serif promotions of AP, I thought the promotion included something to the effect, good color management was part of the application. After some of my color issue posts, I failed to see the claims. I never would have purchased AP if the color management was not like LR, PS, or RPP 64. However, I now have AP and wishing serif would make a positive move toward appropriate color management. Some of you have Ph.D’s in areas I am not familiar with. And you folks have been extremely helpful to me!. Me, well, I understand, triprolidine + sudoephrine. #30 Sig: i po tid for snotty stuffy, runny nose. can cause drowsiness. refil 1 I started film capture in the late 40’s. Processed black and white sheet film, 120 film, and 35 mm film, and created black and white prints. Eventually was processing and printing my own color prints. Somewhere in there, I earned the Doctor of Pharmacy degree, USC, 1963. During my time at USC, I had the opportunity to take a large format, black and white course from the cinema department. Eventually, here in Bellingham, Washington State, my wife and I operated 2 one hour color labs. Even then, chemistry had to be kept at a standard that was world wide. The test strips and chemistry came from various parts of the planet. This was color management for the one hour lab industry. Custom labs also had to keep their chemistry stable and in line with good practices. Again, I thank those asking questions. Kind Regards, David4 Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  19. RAW is not the issue. This happens all the time I use tiff and ProPhoto RGB. I have written numerous posts regarding this issue and have had many responses. Most responses infer I don’t know what I am doing and do not know how to use the program. Well, I agree with all of them ! ! ! I wrote an essay about my workflow and no-one responded. Not even the poster that requested some information. You are seeing what I have been, I believe. I will repost. Kind regards, david4
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