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  1. Now, I am wondering if AP will be shot down in a few years like some of the other Apple offerings. Never used Aperture, and know some photogs unhappy it's gone. Maybe, just maybe, serif is NOT Apple. And Apple is just the pipeline from which is it distributed. Cheers David
  2. Thank you Newbie....quick response, and yeah, it is what I need. Cheers David Well, it works. I use dual displays. Unfortunately, at this time, when AP opens on my 27 inch display, and then make the separation, the separate pieces are separated on my 17 inch MacBook Pro screen. Guess I will have to reassemble, on the larger display.
  3. How do I make my AP look like the attached display. I like it ! ! ! I think this layout is easier to work with. Cheers David
  4. What I am looking for, what I need, is to very simply create a border around an image, for printing. Example is an one inch border, gray, all around the image file. Then, another border, two inches all around, with another color, say, dark blue. Thus I have a matted print that comes out of my Epson Pro 9900. I do this in PS CS5. I would prefer to do this in AP. I don’t want to mess with pixels, since I don’t know how. “Affinity Photo - Adding Borders”…I have watched this time and again. Over and over, and still don’t know what to do. It would be beneficial to me to have a person talking slowly and moving slowly, so I can understand. Even someone else could guide me to a different way to create borders the way I must have them! It should not be that difficult to create borders they way I need them in my work flow. Cheers David
  5. Ruler in AP in inches had large numbers, easily read. I did something, and now the inches is tiny with many markings. I cannot read them. Please tell me how to undo whatever I did. Cheers David4
  6. MEM.. I need to learn how to install plugins. Please guide me. Cheers David4
  7. Kindly show me where in AP, I can keep the 'inches' dimensions, permanent. Where do I find the control? Is it in "preferences"?.... In 'develop' I must continuously change 'pixels' to 'inches'. Cheers, Hey....you are all greet in helping each other. David4
  8. Thank you, markw, for the quick response. Unfortunately the vimeo stutters, and quits. I'll try again Cheers, David4
  9. What do I do with "scope"? Cheers, David4
  10. It would be nice if the choice of 'inches' is locked in, kept, rather going back to pixels.
  11. I need to know how to know the image file physical dimensions. Width and length in inches. Just can not figure this out. Would be very helpful if 'units: inches', would keep as inches instead of reverting back to pixels.

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