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  1. Silly me. How do you upload, say, 20 image files into AP? Some time back, a member asked about how long does it take to load? I think he mentioned 35,000 images. Guess I am not familiar with the idea of uploading lots of image files in AP. I load image files into LR6.4...... Thank you for guiding me. Cheers, David
  2. MEB, those eight image files downloaded to my Mac.......I still cannot find them. I am probably missing something......"Pages". No idea what you are writing about. I do have a documents folder. However, "Pages"? Thanks for a fine application. Cheers, David
  3. But, where are they? afphoto'' I mean, I just plumb cannot find them. PERIOD. Cheers, David
  4. Now using AP 1.4.2 beta 3. Using Lanczos 3 (non-separable) seems the finished tiff is 8 bit, not 16 bit. Guidance Please on how to keep 16 bit tiff when opened in PS CS5. Possible, must I first have 16 bit chosen and THEN go to Lanczos 3 (non-separable)? Cheers, David
  5. I would like inches instead of pixels. I think in inches. Would be much easer for me, in my workflow. If there is already a way to change pixels to inches, in the dialogue box, please point me to it. Cheers. David
  6. I'm not aware I am using the beta. I am using 1.4.1, as far as I know. Is 1.4.1 beta? Thank you all!. Marvelous support.
  7. Tried everything you all suggested. Deleted and took it from Apple, again. Actually twice now. Use it a bit and quits. Available space on HD is 554.08 GB. So much for my new standard. Zapped the pram. Restarted more than once. What is the purpose of holding down the control key while opening AP? What to do? What to do? Kind Regards David
  8. I know I have downloaded these samples. Kindly tell me where I can find them. Cheers, David
  9. The gentleman in the video us demonstrating adding plugins in an older version of AP. I would just like to be able to continue to do any extra editing in PS CS5, as is done from LR 6.4. Are there instructions for this procedure anywhere? I have a screen capture and do not see a way of including it. Cheers David
  10. I am used to 16 bit, ProPhoto RGB image files. Explain what Resample: Lanczos 3 (non-separable) is. What are the benefits to me of Lanczos 3 (non-separable? What are the differences between the two? Kind Regards, David
  11. olf4 Thank you. Not really what I am looking for. Guess saying the perspective was not right on my part. I am just attempting, like in PS CS5, to bring in the left/right/top/bottom borders so they are all straight. This correction is needed when the original art is not perfectly squared up in the live view (ground glass) Cheers, David
  12. As in PS CS5, crop tool, I can use the perspective tool to correct boundaries of an image file. If the image file is not squared up, left and right, I have the ability to square them. What is the equivalent in AP?
  13. Asha. OS 10.11.3. MacBook Pro 8,3. 17 inch non-glare display. Working display is the NEC MultySync PA 271w. This MacBook Pro just returned from Apple Care, for new video card. Which mean, entire motherboard. Oval, just did that, and all is okay now. Starting the way you suggest, opens a dialogue box. Suggestions please on what I am to do with this box. Send me a screen capture, please. Cheers David
  14. Well, after writing AP is my standard. it keeps quitting when I export. That's as far as I can go. I have zapped the pram, restarted the computer, and used disk utility. Searched in preferences for plist files. Non found. Application support has nothing. Okay, STAFF and MEMBERS, what do I do next? Cheers David update......put AP in trash and re-downloading from Apple site. Tell, me, how many times can I download AP? update...new AP still crashes...... STAFF & MEMBERS...I really need your assistance.
  15. My goal in my workflow requires me to reproduce original art, as close to the original as is mechanically and chemically possible. I personally create .icc profiles for the Epson Pro 9900 printer and substrates, my professional display, and Canon EOS 6D camera. With LR 6.4, as well as with RPP 64, what I adjust in RAW looks pretty much the same in tiff. Adjustments are minor. Not so in AP. I can adjust RAW in AP to appear as close to the original art as possible. In RAW I choose develop assistant, and make sure no changes will come about with the choices. Take no Action. Meaning I don’t want curves or exposue bias affecting and anything else messing with the RAW file. Adjust the image file as close to the original art as possible and ‘develop’. Go to develop and all looks well. However, choosing soft proof, I am back to making large adjustment, again! So. back to the adjustments. Seems there is no point in making adjustments in RAW. I know RAW has quite a latitude for adjustments. Am I tossing the RAW adjustments to the wind? In advance, I thank all, MEMBERS and STAFF, for assisting me. Have have made AP my workflow application. At times, I will also use RPP 64 for my RAW converter, and AP for the balance of the workflow. Printing is done with Printao 8, an application my LSI. And I thank everyone for such a good job on developing AP! Cheers, David
  16. Now, I am wondering if AP will be shot down in a few years like some of the other Apple offerings. Never used Aperture, and know some photogs unhappy it's gone. Maybe, just maybe, serif is NOT Apple. And Apple is just the pipeline from which is it distributed. Cheers David
  17. Thank you Newbie....quick response, and yeah, it is what I need. Cheers David Well, it works. I use dual displays. Unfortunately, at this time, when AP opens on my 27 inch display, and then make the separation, the separate pieces are separated on my 17 inch MacBook Pro screen. Guess I will have to reassemble, on the larger display.
  18. I want to have 'Develop Assistant' keep tone curve, take no action, as take no action. Now, how do I keep the choice permanent?
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