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  1. John, In response to your comment that perhaps Serif doesn't regularly monitor the forum, I would have hoped that a moderator would listen and provide feed back to Serif. Well, since that does not seem to be happening, does anybody have a suggestion for a way to get Serif to respond?
  2. Wonderful, other people want to see it split-up too. Has anybody seen a response from Serif that indicates that they are going to make it happen or is it only on our wish list?
  3. Thanks for your support. Hopefully we will it happen in our lifetime
  4. You guys are number one on several levels, your products are great, your tutorials are among the best, and you are continuing to expand your product line, keep it up. However, as you increase your product line, the "desktop forum" is becoming cluttered. For example, when I have a question, I am forced to wade through inquiries regarding Publisher, Designer, and Photo (thank you for separating iPad and Beta). I realize that Serif has intentionally created products that are are inter-related and have much in common, however from a user ease of use prospective, I think that the time has come t
  5. Thank you, I have recently seen references to use FS in order to remove wires from complex/cluttered backgrounds. With complex backgrounds, such as wires passing behind or in front of bare tree branches, Inpainting does a fairly good job as long as you do not view it at 100%. I want to evaluate FS as an alternative to Inpainting.
  6. I went the direction that you are going, replace Acrobat with something else. PDFelement turned out to be a fairly good replacement for Acrobat Pro 10. That was the good news, the bad news is that their (Wondershare) customer support is amateurish at best. They reply to your requests BUT they never seem to answer the question you ask. It may be a language problem, they are a Shanghai company.
  7. There are numerous tutorials on how to use Frequency Separation to tweak portrait photography. Will somebody point me to a tutorial that describes how to use Frequency Separation to remove wires from a landscape photo?
  8. Have you tried restarting the mac? Not sure if it help your problem, but I often use "restart" when apps are not behaving and most of the time it works.
  9. Thank you!!! Now just fix the ProPhoto profile color issue and I'll be a happy man again.
  10. I was unable to expand the window image 1 is 1.7 beta, image 2 is 1.6.7
  11. MEB, Thank you. Yes I am using ProPhoto. Will 1.7 be passing the color profile? BTW, I tried to load the 1.6.7 plugins into 1.7 beta and the results were not particularly satisfying. Image 1 is 1.6.7 and Image 2 is 1.7 Beta. Neither Imagenomic, NIK, nor Topaz appeared in 1.7
  12. I have a shot of an old (1794) gristmill that has significant noise in the "pinkish" shutters on the shaded side of the mill. I decided to dig-out Define 2 to see if it would be able to reduce the noise on the pink shutters to an acceptable level. Define met my objects, however as can be seen in the screen grab, while using Define, a weird color shift occurred in the preview window (the color shift went away when I clicked ok and went back to AP). The color shift has not really impacted my use of Define, just disconcerting. BTW, I experienced a similar color shift while using Imagenomic's
  13. It works with AP 1.6.7. I have a Wacom Intuos PT M, using Driver 6.3.29-6 (there is a new driver, but I haven't down loaded it yet) on Mojave.
  14. This is probably a silly question, but did you try to delete the app and then a fresh reinstall
  15. Thank you. When can we expect the final release of 1.7? Between the straight line clone problem (which is a serious problem for me) and the weird color (not that important), I really need a viable 1.7. I have tinkering with 1.7 Beta and I hope the final release will work better than the Beta, it is quirky, eg, if I try a free hand clone and drag downward, the sample cross-hair goes off on a 45-degree angle.
  16. I meant to include a screen grab of Noiseware on CS6, As you can see, CS6 is showing a fairly good color rendition in the preview window.
  17. I am still anxiously awaiting the arrival of 1.7; in the mean time, I am experiencing a weird color problem with 1.6.7 and my noise reduction apps. The strange color occurs on all three apps; Noiseware, Define 2, and DeNoise 6 and shows up in the Preview Window. I do not know if 1.7 Beta has the same problem because 1.7 cannot find my plugins. I have inserted screen grabs of the preview windows and a shot of actual image. True color shot:
  18. AP has a Selection brush tool, key board short cut is "W". I believe that tool behaves almost exactly like the PS Quick selection brush. Regarding Content aware, the Inpaint brush is very similar to content aware, short cut is "J" and then scroll down to Inpaint.
  19. Once I really dug into it, I found the learning curve to be less steep than I anticipated. While I had to learn how to speak Affinity, after 16 years with PS, I found the the AP sliders to be very close to the PS controls. The only negative is that most of the AP tutorials are videos ( BTW, there are a lot of them) and I am more comfortable with text based tutorials. When I am trying to learn something new, I still go to a PS tutorial and translate it into a set of Affinity notes.
  20. WRT your response, "I think you may have inadvertently rasterised the image layer by using the eraser.". While I may have inadvertently rasterized the image, my process worked. Kind of clumsy and convoluted, but it worked. I am trying to figure out how to do it entirely within Capture One without having to go to Affinity. Right now I perform all of my image adjustment, except for straightening, in C1 and then "round trip" to AP for the straightening and Inpainting. This process works, I am just trying to determine if there is another viable option. Thank you
  21. Thank you for the link to your photos. If you refer to your self a "just an amateur", I would love to see what you could do if your were a "professional". In a single word, your work is impressive!! I really like the "blue berry" picture.
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