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  1. Thank you, I should known it sounded too good to be real.
  2. PS CC has a tool identified as focus area selection. It is supposed to be able to identify/select "any pixels it thinks are in focus". Does Affinity Photo have a similar capability?
  3. What is the difference between "view at 100%" and "view at actual size"? When I select view at "actual size", the 1 inch grid on the screen measures 1 inch, however, when I select "view at 100%", the 1 inch grid on the screen measures slightly more than 2.5 inches. Which view option shows the image as it would appear on a print.
  4. I used to have the same problem in photoshop. In photoshop I changed the brush color from pure white to an slightly grayer color. If you were painting out, the color would be lighter than black, sort of middle gray
  5. I created a preset brush in Photoshop that I use to watermark my photos. Is it possible to set-up a watermark preset brush in Affinity Photo?
  6. I assume that the tutorial instructors are working from a script (at least I hope they are). Why not include a down loadable link to the script along with the video. When I find a video that peaks my interest I frequently start/stop the tutorial in order to capture the instructions being presented.
  7. I am confused regarding the scale shown on the screen and the zoom slider. After resizing my bird image (5:1) I selected "show ruler" and "grid" and adjusted the zoom until 1" on the ruler and the grid were exactly 1" on the screen. At this point I assumed that the zoom slider would both show 100%, nope the zoom slider showed only 30%. Adjusting the zoom slider to 100% resulted in showing a grid marked 1" as measuring 1.625". Which dimension should I trust? This has serious implication when trying to predict print image quality; at 1" equals 1" the quality of the image is amazingly good but at 100% zoom the image is noisy and some of the resampled pixels were less than sharp. BTW, the new Topaz Labs DeNoise 6 plug-in works beautifully with Affinity Photo.
  8. I just used Lanczos 3 (non-separable) to resize a high quality image of a bird perched on a wire with a very bright blue sky behind it. I had previously tried resizing the shot with Perfect Resize 10 (Genuine Fractals) and was disappointed with the results. Resize 10 claims to be able to do a ten-fold resize, the best I was able to achieve was a marginal 2.25:1, the resampled pixels looked wavy and warped. The results with Lanczos 3 were truly amazing! I had one issue, after resizing (4:1) and viewing at 100%, while there were no warped pixels, there was a noticeable white halo (fringe) surrounding the bird. I started to remove the halo with the clone tool and it worked reasonably well, albeit slowly. I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to remove the fringe. As I become familiar with Affinity Photo the more amazed I become with the package You guys have done an super job and with a few more updates I'll be removing CS6 from my computer!
  9. I was searching Wikipedia and found the following quote regarding the white halos I encountered with using the Lanczos filter for image resampling, "When using the Lanczos filter for image resampling, the ringing effect will create light and dark halos along any strong edges". BTW, I was able to "push" the resampling to 5:1 and using the clone stamp tool at about 60% hardness I was able to get rid of the halos and achieve satisfactory results. Using the defringe filter did not seem to contribute to removing the halo.
  10. David, Have you looked into the video tutorial called "Soft Proofing". Don't know if it will satisfy your need for Soft Proofing information.
  11. In Photoshop I am able to create custom preset brushes to perform specific tasks. For example, I made a custom watermark brush that resides in my brush catalog and I use it to watermark images; I select the brush and just "click"on the image where I want the watermark appear. In addition, I made a Comatic aberration brush (also in my brush catalog) that I use remove coma from stars in my Astrophotography pictures. Is there a way to perform this type of action in Affinity Photo?
  12. Big_Stan


    Madame: The good news: The path for PS is very similar to the Elements path. The bad news: I can see the "watermark brush" on my brush palette but I do not see "watermark" on the list of brushes when I go to Applications > Photoshop CS6 > Presets > Brushes. The brush list (.abr) appears to be generic and does not specify any specific brush. Are you suggesting that I import the entire brush list and hopefully "watermark" will show up in Affinity Photo?
  13. When I initiate the "Text, Branding/Watermark" tutorial it starts and I hear "Welcome to Affinity Photo" it runs for about 10 seconds followed by a restart and I hear "Welcome to Affinity Photo" again and again, ad nauseam. I have not encountered this problem with other tutorials.
  14. This forum is confusing. I lost the other thread.
  15. Has anybody figured out how to save the watermark for later use? In PS I was able to make a pen tool preset and save it for use in subsequent photos.
  16. Changing from Safari to Chrome solved the problem. Thank you. The curiosity is that the other tutorials worked fine. Oh well, it works now
  17. What are the complete set of filters that you cite on the web site and how do they compare to the Photoshop CS6 list of filters? Does Affjnity Photo support High Pass Sharpening? Does Affinity Photo support "Stacking" (see Photoshop extended) to perform tasks such as "Tourist Removal, SNR improvement, etc? When do you expect to interface with plug-ins such as NIK, Imagenomic, Photomatix, On1, et al.

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