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    This feature would be awesome and welcome. Affinity Photo has been my only choice of tools and find it very useful, but tethering to my Canon would be a great shortcut.
  2. dani.neugebauer@me.com

    Affinity Photo 1.5 sneak peek: HDR and 360 image editing

    Uuuh.... Can´t wait for the update. Most important new feature for me is the Batch processing, but Focus stacking is cool to for macro shots. Keep up the great work guys...
  3. dani.neugebauer@me.com

    Affinity Photo feature roadmap

    Such a great program. Thank you guys for a great work. I'm happy to see on your roadmap list Batch processing. For me this is a huge thing as I shoot a lot of astrophotos and timelapses with 250-300 shots. I dont wont to sound impatient, but when do you expect to release the next update?
  4. dani.neugebauer@me.com

    Batch Processing

    I´d really like to have the batch processing feature to Affinity! That would be really handy when processing 300 astrophotos at once. As it is now, I cannot use Affinity for that purpose... Any news when this will be done ?