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  1. Hey there. AD keeps going Batman on my son's computer. He's working and it poofs with no visible error. Just happens randomly every now and then for no apparent reason. His machine is a Lenovo Y540. i7-8750H, 16gb ram, GTX 1060. NVIDIA driver version 442.19. AD version is How am I supposed to convince the kid to drop Adobe? 😄
  2. Of those, Protopie looks cool, but that licensing is weird. Mockup looks promising and it's free, at least for now. Going to give that a spin: https://mokup.app/ This kind of animation features is probably my no.1 wish for AD
  3. Hi all. I'm wondering what AD users are using to animate UI mockups. Stuff like micro-interactions. Oh and it's probably good to mention I'm looking for something in Windows. Principle is awesome, but it's mac-only. Cheers!
  4. Select a piece of text, right click, "Copy CSS". This would be awesome. Same for selected primitives, like a rectangle with rounded corners, getting background color, border, border-radius, width and height. +1
  5. Recently I installed Sketch trial because of a project I'm working on. As I wandered around the document, trying to do basic stuff like selecting an element and exporting it I kept mumbling "nope!" to myself repeatedly. But pages there struck me as clever, and something UI designers as myself will find fundamental for organising larger projects. I want this!
  6. Those are cool, specially MX Master, but it's too big to carry around. I was hoping to find a good touch mouse that would let me pan around the document like the Magic Mouse, but after such a big fail with the HP I'm kinda scared to try another one. I ordered an MS Sculpt Comfort: https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/mice/sculpt-comfort-mouse/h3s-00003 It seems to have a lower profile that makes it a bit more portable without going all "hold me on fingertips", and that blue band with configurable swipe actions may be useful. Fingers crossed and I'll share my experience.
  7. Hey guys. One of the features that made me fall in love with AD&F was the way you can swipe on the Magic Mouse to pan around the document. Smooth and awesome. Now I got AF for my Surface and miss that swipe panning experience, so I bought myself an HP Z8000 mouse. Well what a disappointment. Works like crap, misses clicks, can only scroll one way and never diagonally, and the horizontal scrolling seems to be imitating those mouse wheels that can be pushed sideways and isn't smooth at all. Total crap. I CAN use my magic mouse on my Surface, but that's like putting a dog collar on my cat. Any recommendations?
  8. Hi guys. I currently have Designer and Photo on my mac. Now that I bought a Surface Pro, I'll soon need copies for that machine as well, otherwise it's little more than an overrated notepad. Is there any some sort of program or benefits that can get me a special price? Thanks. H
  9. Good post, you mention some good tools there. I agree there are many options but they're too specific. Moho and ToonBoom are the ones that impress me most, but they're too geared towards cartoons. Flash struck a sweet spot that allowed professional animators make Happy Tree Friends, amateurs do stickmen fight animations, ui designers do animated mockups and micro-interactions for websites. The UI, features, supported import and export formats, and the fact that it's not a hardcore tool that requires years of learning is what made Flash explode in popularity the way it did. There's nothing out there that's polished, easy to use, flexible and that feels at home with the rest of our tools. It's like where we were with Adobe Illustrator before AD. There are loads of vector drawing tools out there, but until Serif came along with AD you didn't see anyone considering dropping their CC subscription. I did drop Adobe for AD, but now I have this gap to fill. I tried just about everything I could find, and I'm yet to find something convincing. I'm getting by with Apple Motion, which is far from what I need but enough to get some UI demos rolling. And every now and then I google "vector animation" hoping someday a great new tool pops up. Now of course I wouldn't want to see this as part of Designer. It should be a different app. I see this as the difference between Designer and Photo. They share the same base, but each does its own thing.
  10. I agree that needs to be a separate app. I really think people would wolf on this. Vector based animation right now is limited to Adobe Edge and there's no good alternative out there. You can mention Toonboom or some other, but having tried them all, none really fits the bill. They're either too complicated, or too specific, or both. Forget SWF. The need is in vector based HTML5 animation with the option to export in video formats. You'd have an app that can make little animated elements for websites and cartoons as well. Serif is focusing on delivering good apps and rightly so. All we can do is buy the products, keep them funded (I just bought The Workbook and everyone should too), wait for Publisher to come out (buy it), and wait to see what's next. I'm sure it will be something good.
  11. +1 Right now I'm actually doing animated mockups in Apple Motion. It's not perfect but I can deliver some coolness and explain transitions and effects. But I would go as far as saying I need an Affinity Animator. The "other guys" got me used to an animation app that's was so flexible you could create all kinds of cool, vector-based animation in there and there doesn't seem to be an alternative for that one.
  12. Having to rasterise the image actually makes a bit of sense to me. Until you do that, the image is a link to the original, not information actually in the document, and by rasterising, you change that and make it editable. +1 for the dialogs defaulting at 0. I.e. applying drop-shadow, if you're not paying attention, your immediate reaction is that something's not working or being done properly. and +1 for text selection. I actually had one or two click frenzy outbursts trying to select text. Although to me the greatest annoyance is AF not remembering options in dialogs. But I already complained about this in other posts.
  13. This is the single greatest annoyance in Affinity. I ALWAYS forget that when resizing an image in Photo I have to change "nearest neighbor" to something else, and in my workflow I frequently select an object and export it. Half the time I export the whole document. So +1000 votes for this one
  14. This is more of an accessibility issue than anything else. It took me forever to discover that I had to go to document settings to set the bleed width. I probably won't remember where it is the next time I need it. When exporting a document and checking bleeds, it would make sense to repeat the bleed width inputs there. Or at least making the default value not zero, so it doesn't seem like bleeds aren't working.
  15. Now that I removed "the other photo editing app" from my dock and committed to AP all the way, I started noticing some minor annoyances. Nothing that drives me to give up, but still... Mid-selection keyboard superpowers - space to drag the square, alt to grow selection from center, shift to add selection, stuff like that Crop from selection - specially after having the aforementioned mid-selection keyboard superpowers, would be very useful Mid-crop keyboard superpowers - alt to adjust crop from center
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