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  1. Hi, this seems to be very problematic case. So I tried to my best to tell and demonstrate what I mean with this Pressure Blob problem. I really hope that this get better and fixed. I have drawn a lot with iPads and really liked Affinity Designer feel (wet edges custom is awesome and you can get very traditional pencil drawings). Problem is that I have used only Pen Tilt to vary Brush size and it was worked quite well, so no problems. But I have get a bit frustrated when I have tried to do paintings with Affinity Designer, because then I tend to vary brush size and opacity with pressure. and I detail something there is a annoying big blob when pencil tip touches the screen. Also inking is very hard and it is almost impossible to me produce clean high brush size dynamic lines with Affinity Photo or Designer IOS. You must work a quite hard with Affinity Photo or Designer to hide that problematic Pressure Spit Blob problem, it is not always even possible. One problem is that brushes settings Pressure Curve do not work as expected, you must also use Global pressure curve to hide that initial touch pressure blob. It is not ideal solution and it is not still work if you use big varied brush size. I suggest to @Paul Mudditt @AffinityMakesMeSmile try do dynamic ink lines as shown on video. I used to Procreate which uses same kind of pressure curves and brush without any tricks. IMPORTANT! There is no any problem with MacOS or Windows Affinity products even with over 1000px brushes with Wacom pens, so you can draw thin 1px lines with 1000px size brush without any problematic inital Pressure blobs. Of course Apple Pencil and IOS pen tech is different and way more problematic to handle. Thanks to all! Affinity_IOS_Initial_Pressure_Spit_Blob_Problem.mov Procreate_Dynamic_Ink_demo.mov
  2. Hi, all and please hope that this solves now. Please try that: take Inks Category brush (Comics Ink Pen or Brush Pen) and remember Reset brush to its default settings. set Brush Width to 240 px.... or even more. (IMPORTANT! to show clearly that problem) place pen tip lightly to the screen and try to draw slowly nice clean dynamic lines. I am quite sure that most of you see a bigger blop mark at the start of your lines. That happen when your pencil tip first time touches or registering the screen. Other IOS programs (Procreate, ClipStudioPaint, SketchBook, ArtRage eg.) do not spit pen pressure at the start of the line or so when pen tip is the first time placed and registered on the screen. Tested this with latest Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo 1.8.3 with iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5, iPad Pro 12.9" (1st gen), iPad 2018 (6th gen) and all behave same. BTW. This problem is same as desktop versions in the past, but they got it fixed while ago. Thanks all!
  3. Hi, here is another video clip about the Affinity's Brush engine Pressure Blob problem. (very slow video, sorry) There is also Clip Studio Paint demo with very same pressure dynamic profile. @AffinityMakesMeSmile - Please try to use more pressure dynamics with brushes and more global brush size. Because with some settings this problem is not so obvious, but it is still there hiding. I have tested this with latest Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo 1.8.3 with iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5, iPad Pro 12.9" (1st gen), iPad 2018 (6th gen) and all behave same. Thanks, and hopely this get fixed.... ..... soon. Sorry_But_Whats_About_The_Blob_Issue_2.mov
  4. Hi, I can confirm that this serious Pressure Blob Bug problem only happen on iPads IOS and exists in both Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer. I attached a small video, which show how annoying it is and makes impossible to make clean dynamic lines. Brush Blob problem is not so obvious if you only paint or not use large scale brush size dynamics. I think that this same Pressure Blob problems is already squashed in Desktops versions of Affinity Products, but not IOS yet. BTW. There is a still canvas rotation problem when using flat shaped brush tip - Flat brush tip follows canvas rotation :( This makes canvas rotation useless when using anything other than perfectly round brushes. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/92429-canvas-rotation-and-brush-nozzle-rotation-with-dynamics-angle-tilt-control-bug/ Reported this along long.. time ago. I really hope that these bugs get solved because these affects greatly to drawing experience. Sorry_But_Whats_About_The_Blob_Issue.mov
  5. Hi, this quite annoying bug still exists on all current versions and platforms of the Affinity products. (iPad IOS, Windows, MACOS) When canvas is basic default orientation there is no any problem when using flat brush nozzles and nozzle rotation is controlled dynamically with angle, BUT when canvas is rotated brush nozzle follows canvas orientation. This behaviour makes canvas rotation useless on all devices for that type of brushes. I really hope that this could be fixed soon.. i have waited that almost two years now this is my third bug report on that very same thing. I really like Affinity Designer brush engine, especially how well it emulate real ink and pencil brushes, thanks to the great wet edge curves! Almost all my brushes uses some sort of flat nozzles and dynamic angle rotation control with pencil tilt. This bug makes canvas rotation impossible to use. iPads is quite easy to physically rotate but bigger Wacom Cintiq or graphics tablets are different thing. FIX_Please_Brush_Texture_Tip_follows_canvas_rotation.MP4
  6. Fixed angle cursors when the view has been rotated. Hi, I have just installed and tested both Designer and Photo MacOS and iPad and this is still not fixed on version 1.8.1.
  7. Hi, I hope that Canvas rotation and Brush Angle dynamic problem fixed soon. I almost exlusively use flat brushes controlled by pen tilt (angle). Round Brush nozzles this problem not matter. Currently in Affinity Photo and Designer on IOS, Win and Mac there is a problem with these flat brush nozzles when using dynamic angle control on rotation (pen tilt) combined with rotating canvas. I Hope that attachmented video makes clear what I mean. This problem exist all platforms and also with Wacom tablets and displays. A0F3AEE8-25FD-47AD-9A9C-B2ED55B2AB7E.MOV
  8. Hi, I just installed Affinity Designer and Photo 1.7 update to iPads and MacOS and Canvas Rotation is still linked to Brush Nozzles? or something..?? -> see the video attachment on the first post. Rotating Canvas -> Brush Nozzle follows I hope that this will fixed soon because it really makes Canvas Rotation function useless when using brush tips that reacts rotation (Dynamics -> Rotation Jitter -> Angle function) such as emulating real pencils, chisel tips, flat thin brushes. PS. It seems that for my initial tests pressure sensitivity drop bug is fixed on the Affinity Photo.
  9. Hi, Somehow Brush Nozzles angle and canvas rotation angle is linked to, (or not separated from) each other? So when I rotate canvas brush nozzle follows, what makes drawing, shading and inking very hard when using anything other than perfectly round brush. I attached small video to demonstrate that. Working with iPads I can quite easily rotate the whole device, but.... This problem occur at least on Mac OS and iOS versions of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon, like Affinity Photos distracting pressure sensitivity drop bug. brush_nozzle_follows_canvas_rotation.mov
  10. Hi, I can confirm that this is Affinity Photo problem (AP 1.6.7.) Wacom Intuos4 Wireless and Wacom Cintiq 27QHD and Astropad makes these pressure drops. Luckily this "pressure drop" glitch not happen in Affinity Designer 1.6.1 on my machine. (If I remember correctly, there was that same bug earlier version of Affinity Designer). -- This annoying bug was here very... very long time and I really hope that it is fixed soon, it makes Affinity Photo useless for me when doing sketching, drawing and painting. I must use Affinity Designer 1.6.1. which is fine, but.. I am using now cleanly installed High Sierra. There is small video that I recorded to demonstrate how annoying this pressure bug really is. PS. I have also suggestion to able to hide that static brush nozzle outline cursor, some situations there is no point to show that, because we can see brush review. Better is to make that brush nozzle outline cursor realtime cursor which dynamically rotates and change size etc. Almost all my brush nozzles rotates (using tilt or pen rotation) and it is very annoying look that static brush nozzle. affinity_photo_1_6_7_wacom_pressure_drops.mov
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