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  1. Thanks Leigh! Solved with the RGB 8bits for the time being, hopefully your guys can solve the "bug"
  2. Thanks David, but could you please elaborate how can colour management can relate to it?
  3. Hi Thanks, I did but got the same incorrect results
  4. Hi there, I am combining several photos in one document, nevertheless after going for a print, what I see is not what I get. (NO, I am not talking about colour management). Basically some Layers don't become printed even though they are visible on the screen and also visible when exporting to JPG. I have used maskers but as mentioned I am not seeing any blocked areas. Any hints? Thanks in advance for your help AMPI
  5. Also Grey is a Colour embedded in the profile thus should not have any of these issues. Are there any Affinity Product Reps around?
  6. Hi CSP, because when you convert into Black and white you use the Channel Mixer in order to correct colour rendition on the grey scale. And it is not a monitor issue because as explained the B/W problem presents ONLY in Affinity Photo
  7. Thanks Lorigan and CSP. CSP I have tried with the embedded camera profile and got the same results. Lorigan yes I am using that method.(see Attachment) I have found a solution, but don't know why it gives me the impression that there is something not compatible with B/W conversions into Affinity. Basically there is the option in the menu Document-->Colour Format to choose for Greyscale 16bits. That solves it, but I still find it really weird that the already transformed B/W photo in capture one cannot be used directly in AP (see attachment for menu) Is anyone from Affinity Photo checking the forums? It would be nice to have some advice from the product provide side
  8. Hi CSP perhaps I am not following your train of thought, why would that make a difference? I am already working in a bigger gamut colour space.
  9. Hi CSP. I work in Prophoto space from CO and export as such into AP where I also have Prophoto. As mentioned in the post my camera and Monitor at calibrated to Adobe RGB (but this is ok as Prophoto has bigger gamut). I export the file converted into B&W from CO but also tried in color and saw the casting. I tried a grayscale option in AP and solved it this way but I am surprised that I have to do this in order to get real grey scale after a raw conversion
  10. Perhaps someone can help me, I use Capture One as my RAW processor. I decided to go for the combo CO and Affinity, after ditching PS. I have exported RAF (Fuji RaW files) from Capture one and noticed two things, first even with the same color space I get a total different rendition of the color that I have edited in the Raw processor, exporting it as TIFF and uncompressed. Skin tones get reddish and I get some also some cyan colouring when exporting B/W. The colouring is visible in the shadows transitioning. Can somebody tell me if you are experiencing the same issue? How can this be avoided? All settings are the same in both SW, screen and camera are correctly calibrated Thanks for your help,sorry for the crappy example ;)
  11. Exactly the same thing Enigma but I took the big step. Basically I have seen in the forum the moderator saying that they were working in the "round trip"from capture pro - AP - Capture pro, this for me is the only "headache"ate the moment. Does anyone knows if this is solved?
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