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  1. Having it under Save As would be more intuitive. Why not make afphoto one of the choices and just have the export menu pop up with save as? Copying all of the wrong things adobe has been doing for 20 years seems wrong. 20 years ago, you might have called saving a photo as a jpeg an "export", but in todays world you're just saving it in one of many possible formats.
  2. I've found the tutorials with actual instructions. The default to rotate is pretty dumb if you ask me; rotating photos is something I do very infrequently. The problem I actually had was not realizing that I had to "Develop" the RAW image before doing more extensive editing. I don't hate it this morning. The Lanczos 3 resizing does a VERY nice job. I may love it by day's end.....
  3. After an hour of trying to figure out why the crop tool rotates the image and watching 3 tutorials that just zip through all kinds of operations without any explanation, I'm wondering how anyone can use this product. Are there any actual tutorials where you might learn how to use the tools? I've used Photoshop for 15 years so maybe I'm just set in my ways. But once I get past making raw adjustments I can't figure how how to do a single thing I want to do.
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