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  1. I thought that this soultion will be less exact or much more labor-intensive... Ok, so I have to take it as it is :huh: - but it´s good to know that i didn´t miss the chance to make it easy and quick :) . Thank you very much again A_B_C!
  2. Hello, today I´m wondering how to insert graphic text with an automatic frame. I have to label some places and would like to differ some of the labels by bordering them with a frame. I guess that a manual bordering would cause inaccuracies, so I´m looking for an automatic solution. It would be great if someone could tell me something about this. And if so it would be very helpful if this would be possible very detailed as I´m not used to design and affinity :) . Thanks in advance und my best regards, sandfraeulein
  3. Hello, today it would be great if someone can tell me how to fill a polygon path (it looks like a cloud) with a hatching? I only need simple uniform stripes (alternating black and white coloured) within this polygon, but I can´t find how to generate them. (If there is also a possibility to adjust the width of the stripes: I´m interested in the solution. For me it is sufficient if all stripes have the same width.) I would be very thankful if someone could give me a detailed description as my experience with Affinity design is quite low. Thanks in advance! Best, sandfraeulein
  4. Dear Alex, This is very helpful :) . Thank you very much! sandfraeulein
  5. Thank you very much for your quick reply! And I´m really sorry, but can you please explain to me in detail how to find/activate this buttons? I´m using a German surface (and can´t change it into English) and so it´s a bit difficult for me to find the exact buttons and tools. Well for sure I tried, but I failed :huh:.
  6. Hello, I´m new here and I would like to know if there is a possibility to merge a path (line)? And if on the other hand it is possible to divide a path (line) into 2 or more pathes? I think in Illustrator there is a scissors, but I can´t find anything similar in Affinity desgn. It would be really great if somenone can help me...! Thanks in advance und my best regards, sandfraeulein
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