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  1. Hi, Walt. I appreciate the suggestion. I am a seasoned digital artist, and have used Affinity Designer since its' inception. (Actually used Serif's "DrawPlus", before that. 😊) I tried a multitude of brushes, even though I fully suspected that wasn't the issue. None work. Even if I add a pixel layer outside of any shape, it doesn't show what I paint with my brush. This has occurred after I updated to the newer software release, so it would make sense that it's some kind of bug in the 1.9v. I figured I'd try to install the prior (stable/non-beta) 1.8.5 version, but it gave me a 'this is an older version' error upon doing so. I really don't want to uninstall then reinstall, since it would mean having to import all my brushes again.
  2. Thanks for the responses, guys. While I appreciate your suggestions, the items you mentioned are not the problem. The layer is not locked, nor transparent, nor alpha protected. My ability to paint on pixel layers has never been an issue prior to yesterday. I'm truly flummoxed, and frustrated at being stalled out. I have taken/included a screenshot, as requested.
  3. Nested pixel layers don't show any strokes I make -- regardless of color or brush type/size. I've tried adjusting settings; closing & reopening Affinity; restarting PC. Nothing fixes it. Please help!
  4. I second that! I've had nothing but super positive interactions with Serif staff. Whether it's legacy or new products, they are always polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. :rolleyes:
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