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  1. I am referring to that, yes, but what I'm saying is it would be great if the current selection size were displayed floating next to the cursor - basically, the way photoshop has it.
  2. I made a GIF of this: http://giphy.com/gifs/bug-affinity-photo-l0HlQM834uw3bfzHO To reproduce: Create a pixel layer with some content Select pixel layer in Layers panel Select paint brush tool Hover brush over the pixel layer to see brush preview Press Cmd-C to copy pixel layer. Press Cmd-V to paste copied layer. Observe that brush preview is part of the copied layer.
  3. I see. This is unfortunate as many stock vector images are like that. Are there plans to add mesh full support to AD?
  4. Here I have this file http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=149427026in EPS format. This is what the this EPS file looks like opened in Photoshop CC, rasterized at 1667px x 1667px (I'm zooming in a bit on the bottom part): Same file in Affinity Photo: Same file in Affinity Designer: Same file in Designer but three copies over each other:
  5. I disabled snapping once in a document I was working on, and then I enabled in again few minutes later. UI showed snapping on but no snapping was happening except for the object I had selected when I disabled snapping. That particular object gained snapping back, but other objects didn't. I toggled snapping few times and it eventually came back, although I'm not sure how exactly. To reproduce: Make sure snapping is enabled by default. Make a document with some shapes or curves. Select a shape, move it around to see snapping guidelines. Disable snapping. Move object around to see no snapping. Enable snapping. Move object around to see snapping guidelines. Select another object, move it around and see no guidelines. I'm using AD 1.4.2 on OS X 10.11.6, purchased from the App Store.
  6. We have HSL right now but it does not allow to create a set of shades for the base color.
  7. Right now, it is difficult to create pixel-perfect selections using marquee tool because the size of the selection isn't shown while selection in progress (the Info panel is reporting inaccurate size). Having a little tooltip next to the cursor that reports the size of the current selection would be very, very helpful.
  8. I'm using rectangular marquee tool to select and fill squares from 3x3 to 10x10 pixels. The info panel shows W and H that are off by one pixel depending on where the cursor is within the grid (I'm zoomed in at 2000%). This makes it difficult to make precise selections.
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