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    Graphix Guru reacted to Mr. K in Show File Path   
    Found that. Thanks owenr. Very helpful. I do think it could be made simpler and consistent with how other Mac OS apps do this when the title is right clicked, that's my wish:

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    Graphix Guru reacted to Mr. K in Show File Path   
    Please add the ability to right click the file title at the top of the Affinity window to see the finder path of the file. This is a very useful feature and pretty much standard on current Mac OS apps.
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    Graphix Guru got a reaction from Roger C in Stroke a Selection   
    I just thought of a way to do this with a pixel layer. It's kinda obvious once you get the "Aha!" moment. 
    Select the shape you want to stroke and create a new layer. Fill the new layer with white (or any other color for that matter; it just needs to be different from the Stroke). 

    Define the Stroke (as if stroking a path) using FX > Stroke. With a white Fill, use a black Stroke. Make a copy of this layer if you think you may need to make adjustments. 
    Rasterize the layer, then select the fill color and delete it. Voila! You've now got a stroked path! 
    It's kind of a kludge, but it works! :-)
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    Graphix Guru reacted to barninga in text along path in photo   
    it would be usefule to have a text along path feature also in affinity photo. see https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/15865-how-to-write-text-along-a-curve/?p=72069
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    Graphix Guru reacted to Alfred in Cut a Path   
    I've been there, too, so I know exactly what you mean!
    You're very welcome. I'm glad I was able to help. :)
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    Graphix Guru reacted to Wilfred Hildonen in Cut a Path   
    Great! That did the trick! The solutions are always so simple you feel like: Why didn't I think of that, but well, that's how it is :D Thanks a lot!

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