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  1. Well, that’s actually a pretty good idea. Never thought of that. Thanks.......
  2. After selecting the Curves Adjustment the various options appear at the bottom center of the workspace. If you pick the spine graph option it pops up right above the various options. The graph is basically right in the middle of your photo. When you start designating nodes and manipulate the graph it’s hard to clearly see the effects on the image since the graph is covering a majority of the photo. Why can’t you hold drag the graph to a different areas of the photo (like upper left corner) to be less obstructive? This would make the Curves Adjustment much more usable.
  3. acsimon


    What’s with the tutorials? It appears some are missing. For example, “Making Colors Pop” seems to be missing. Note: I am talking about the IPad Tutorials.
  4. I noticed Affinity Publisher for the desk top is in testing mode. Is there a timeline for the Ipad version of Publisher yet?
  5. acsimon

    Dotted Line

    Does anyone know how you draw a dotted line?
  6. Is there a way to make the grid lines darker? They are so light I can hardly see then.
  7. acsimon

    Curves Adjustment

    Added note: In the desktop version there is a tutorial that explains what I’m describing above. “Curves Picker”
  8. In the desktop version of Affinity Photo “Curves Adjustment” there is a toggle you can select that will allow you to touch an area on your photo that will locate a corresponding dot for that area to show up on the “curve” for adjustment. Is this option available on the IPad version?
  9. acsimon

    Importing From Photos

    Thanks for the update.
  10. Within the Affinity App if I tap “Import From Photos” it brings up my photo library that I have on my IPad. But, it doesn’t show my albums etc. in the same order that they appear in my Photos App. It seems to reorder my events in some random fashion, and i can’t seem to find how the are ordered. They are not by event name, or date. Can you elaborate on what Affinity is using to establish thr listing? See attached example.
  11. acsimon

    1.6 Update

    See there is a new update for the Mac version. When is the next update scheduled for the iPad version?
  12. If I enter adjustments and try to make changes on the wheels (for example the Brightness/Contrast adjustment) they are not working as advertised. If I touch a circle and move clockwise I get negative percentages and if I move counterclockwise I also get negative percentages. There operation is also not smooth at all. Sometimes as you move your finger around the circle there are no changes at all. I have also tried to use the Apple Pencil for the adjustments and get the same responses. Is this a known issue? I know you can tap and get the small key pads, but if you enter a number you can’t see the change until you leave the key pad. Why did Affinity use these small wheels instead of the sliders used on the Mac version?