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  1. Among the "other" options in Photos, all of which currently work, one is "Edit in Affinity Photo". I click it and am given a full-screen display of my picture with text at the bottom saying "Affinity Photo could not be launched. Please press concel." This doesn't look like the usual complaint box from the Mac OS, but a special one from within Photos. I'm using OS 10.13.2, Photos v3.0 (3251.12.190) and Affinity Photo v1.6.6. I've tried opening Affinity Photo first, but this doesn't change anything.
  2. In the Affinity Photo Workbook, pg 122, I'm directed to apply a filter via the filter menu: Noise > Add Noise. I do, it's pretty, but my question is this: Is this a rare example of "destructive" editing, in that for me to change the noise factor I've added would involve going through a series of "undoing"? That is, there is no way for me to change the parms on the add noise, nor to eliminate it with a click, correct? This is apparently the nature of filters applied through the filter menu.
  3. I select the inpainting brush, crete a New Layer, and am in that (Pixel) layer. I paint the area to be removed, see the progress bar telling me it is doing something. It concludes, the image has not changed. I can inpaint on the original layer, but not on a new layer, non-destructively. I have tried right-clicking the layer and selecting "Rasterize". This doesn't change anything.
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