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  1. I'm not sure this is a bug or if the feature was altered but I do not see the option to include bleed when exporting PDF for print. I have a custom preset based on the PDF for print preset and it caused a delay for my clients. Am I missing something or is this a bug. I just noticed it on my Windows version but I also had the problem on the Mac version.
  2. Thanks Sean, I can give you the assets category file that I used for back up. I've since resized all the assets but the attached still has the very large assets. For instance, all the test throughout these assets should be at size 10 but when added to a document, the text becomes size 20. The good news though is the flakiness when dragging assets seems to be fixed with the recent update. Janus Assets.afassets
  3. The 1.7 update successfully imported my assets from the previous version but after dragged them or double-clicking them from the assets panels, they are almost double in size. That being said, dragging and asset out of the panel is a bit flaky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  4. When using the node tool to edit the direction of a single node handle using the alt, only the right alt key works but not the left. Other than that, the left alt key does all other modifier operations (ie. drag a copy) correctly. Is that default in the Windows version, or is that an OS level issue?
  5. Thanks. I just used that idea on a similar file sand that worked pretty well. I guess I didn't consider the crop tool.
  6. When exporting from the Export Persona, the Windows Explorer folder chooser does not display its content. Is that a setting?
  7. Thanks Chris B. I've uploaded a file that has given me the lag/slow-down issue in the past.
  8. I use Designer for personal projects on Mac without any issues and Designer at work on a 2 month old, Windows 10 PC. The PC has 8 gb RAM and an Intel Core i5 @ 3.20GHz. A task I have to perform at least 3 times a week in drawing shapes on top of a placed bitmap image. The images is already compressed and usually aprox 30 to 50 mb itself. After I place the image, every action causes Designer to freeze or run incredibly slow. The Designer files end up in the 200 to 350 mb range. I'm trying to find out if the freezing and lag is a product of my PC or Designer. Any ideas? Also, why is the Designer file size so incredibly large?
  9. Apparently the file that is directly exported from ArcGIS is an old AI legacy file and needs to be updated/converted via Illustrator before it can fully open (with all layers and objects) in AD.
  10. I'm running into a problem opening Illustrator files directly exported from GIS (Geographic Information Systems). When opened directly in Designer or Photo, I get a blank canvas void of any layers, curves, images etc. If I open the same file in Illustrator first then re-save, I can open that new file will all the elements just fine in Designer. Am I missing something? Anyone else with experience with GIS files?
  11. I'm sort of having this same issue with a light haze of the color that was set to 0% opacity but the transparence tool seemed to fix it. I still get a harsh line. I've tried different blend modes but still get a harsh line. Am I missing a certain setting?
  12. Thanks DWright. I did your suggestion but I think I actually figured out what I was doing wrong. In the Export persona, I selected all the export settings I desired, then in the layers tab, selected all artboards and clicked created slices. Switched over to the slices tab and exported each slice from there.
  13. I'm running into an issue in the Export Persona at the save location Finder window where the file type always changes from that specified in the settings. It occurred when exporting a PDF and it forces a PNG. Also, in a totally separate file, it forces a JPG from a PNG export. It occurs in both Designer and Photo. Using the generic File > Export seems to work okay but in the PDF document I'm getting terrible defects on the Outer Glow effect similar to this topic. I thought it may have been a bug on my iMac but I tried the same thing on my MacBook with the same result. So I don't think re-installing the apps will correct it. Am I doing something wrong with the settings? My other thought is my files are buggy.
  14. I'm having major issues with this as well. Discovered any solutions?