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  1. Ordered on Dec 30... arrived today, thé AD Workbook. Yeah!! As a study book it's not very practical with the hard cover, can't really keep it open when placed beside my MacBook. Nevertheless, I Love it! ;)
  2. FYI, it's still there in 23003... :)
  3. Bug is not present in de 1.1.2 App Store version of AD...
  4. I found a weird bug, with the divide option in AD beta (22824). See the attached movie, I've also attached the test-file. Divide_Bug.mov Created 2 curves: 1) The black curve at the first test is 30px wide > 'divide' shows strange behaviour 2) Changed the width to 100px > got the same weird result 3) Changed the width to 200px > it works as it should EDIT: p.s. not only 'divide', but also 'intersect', 'substract' and 'union' have the same (weird) results test.afdesign
  5. Hoi Ruud, I just tested with my A5 Wacom Bamboo and It's very responsive (MacBook Pro i7 2010 8Gb SSD), also with all other apps open like Affinity Photo Beta, Safari, Mail etc. I've tried the beta (it can realy do you no harm installing it besides the App Store version! And its namend Beta, so in your programs you see them side-by-side. The fun part of the beta is that you're able to use new functionality, and it's quite stable!) and I've tried the bought version, both do well with my tablet. I also don't close down my MacBook very often, but do put it to sleep every night (lid closed).
  6. ...and a Dutch, French, Arabic, Norwegian, Russian and don't forget a Chinese forum B) . I thought nowadays German people all learn English in school? On the other hand, watching ARD/WDR/ZDF etc... movies are still being synched to German: James Bond is still saying "[...] geschüttelt nicht gerührt", so much fun! It's the same in France. "secouée pas bougé". LOL. I wouldn't mind this keeping forum single language: all English, though I'd rather read in Dutch. :)
  7. Not sure if I understand your question correct but you can already interact with Lightroom from AP, check out this topic. At first it didn't work with me, but now it does. Still don't know what I did wrong. What you have to do is to add Affinity Photo as an external editor in Lightroom (in preferences > external editing), et voila you can edit your photo's in AP; save and return to Lightroom. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi from The Netherlands! I'm not a professional designer, but I do have great interest in designing stuff (logo's, leaflets, websites etc.) and retouching/editing photo's as I also am a hobby photographer. Up to now I've been using Adobe CS4 Web ('student edition') products. Primarily photoshop, illustrator and dreamweaver. Never upgraded to the latest version, it's way too expensive for non-professional users and 'cloud-only'. I was very excited when I saw Affinity Designer and been using it since november, and I'm having so much fun with it! Recently I also installed Affinity Photo Beta, so most of my Adobe products are no longer in use. The only thing I still "need" to replace is Dreamweaver (haven't found a affordable replacement yet) & Lightroom, and then I'll finally be Adobe-Free. That 'll be the day! Thank you Affinity for your products and keep up the good work! I like the way you include your user base in developing new features, testing the beta's etc. It's great to see so much enthusiasm in your team! Best regards, Remco p.s. I'm more of a 'forum-lurker' not so much a contributor. Sorry for that.
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