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  1. Okay, I will assume your position as an "official" reply which is what I am looking for as a "we are working on it" kind of reply. That was I was asking for. Secondly, I like the unsupported fonts "hack". Let me try it.
  2. To just to get this emoji support issue clearly. Even with the Tool bar showing that we are to expect emojis and symbols, Affinity does not and WILL NOT support emojis in the future? I find that kind of interesting, considering Publisher will be used to replace a lot of the things people use Word® for, such as internal corporate reports. And emojis are right at the heart of it nowadays.
  3. @MEB Thank you and the team for the hard work you are putting in. I noticed that a lot of time is going into the iPad suite of Affinity apps. It is good for marketing and getting a larger market to be sustainable. I understand that. However, having started using Illustrator at 5, I find that I really miss this feature. As a graphic designer who does renderings in 2D for buildings, infographics and multiple Web and mobile UI designs, I find that with some object oriented thinking and symbols, I can deal with "select the same ____". But if I get a graphic design where the designer didn't think like me, then I am in trouble. I have to do a tedious "select and group", breaking the design work in the process. Is there a work-around way to "select the same ____" that you might know of and share as we wait for this feature. Please add this feature request to the Common Feature Requests. I think we will bother you less on this forum thread. I did not find it.
  4. My goodness. After working with Adobe products since AI 5 and PS 4, I bought my Affinity Designer (AfDes ;)) and I can't stop thinking how the developers were in my head! I'm trying out AfPho and I am already impressed and that was for web images. I can't wait to get my DSLR going. I am definitely getting AfPub because there is a PDF/X workflow we need. + 1 for something to replace After Effects/Animate CC. I doodle in Cinema4D and I need to be free of Adobe. Please? :D
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