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  1. How can I combine some group photos so that everybody smiles and has his eyes open? I read in MacLife magazine from July 2019 that this is possible in an automated way in Affinity Photo, but I can't find this function. I found stacks for HDR, exposure, noise reduction, , object removal, focus merging ... but not the feature above. What am I missing? Is there a tutorial around? Best, Dietmar
  2. Hi there, I could replicate it three times so I thought it was a reproducible bug. But meanwhile I restarted my Mac. I tried to reproduce it many ways but it wasn't possible any more. So you can close this bug, sorry. Next time I will first restart my Mac and try to reproduce the bug before posting here ;-) Best, Dietmar
  3. Hi! I am using Affinity Photo 1.4.1 on Mac OS X 10.11.4. I open a JPEG, create a Layer-->New adjustment layer-->Levels adjustment and set Gamma to 0,89. Then I export the document as JPEG with the default settings and - this is important - replace an already existing JPEG on the hard drive --> Affinity Photo crashes on half exporting the document. Best, Dietmar
  4. When I change settings in the fx settings window, I can only "Close" the settings. Often I am changing settings and in the course of changing I realize that this change was no good ;-) So I would appreciate a button "Cancel" aside the button "Close". Best, Dietmar
  5. Hi! I am one of the movers from PS to Affinity ;-) There's one thing I am really missing: In PS I can easily fill areas with patterns. There are lots of patterns that come with PS, and I can find many on the internet and load them into PS. But, more important than that: In effects functionality I can use the STRUCTURE of patterns to overlay the other fx (like color, gradient, shadow etc.). This makes big letters look great (structured) in spite of just one color or a gradient. And I can adjust the depth and scale the effect. Great! Please add this pattern functionality, especially in the effects section, to Affinity products! :-) Best, Dietmar
  6. Hi! I am receiving the same error message. I export locally to my desktop. The difference is that this message (up to now) only comes when I open an image saved with PhotoLine in PNG-format. Other pictures can be opened and exported without problems. Best, Dietmar