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  1. Hey Gabriel. It is the first time I have encountered it so far. I will try testing it out again, and if I can replicate it, I will check back in. It is the first time I have gone on to do a full photo edit in affinity for quite some time, so while this is a one-off for now, it’s tough to say at the moment.
  2. Usual story, spent a few hours on a single photo. Last few touches before being done and BAM, all the work out the window. I was experimenting with the fill tool so that I could add a gradient to my image. I selected each of the different gradient types before remembering that I had not created a new pixel layer for my gradient. So I two finger tapped several times to undo several steps back in history to just before I added the fill. Once I got to just before I had applied a fill tool, my entire project just showed as an alpha layer i.e. - blank. I struggled to see if there was a layer that I
  3. OK yes thank you for pointing that out. I have had the chance to play with those settings and while they offer some very basic improved snapping, they are a pretty far cry from what they should be. Ideally, I would be able to enable snapping, select the snapping candidate, then use the pen tool and no matter where on the object I am electing to start and/or end drawing, I would be able to snap directly to the object at any arbitrary point. As it is right now (unless I am completely mistaken), you are able to snap, but only to select key point on an object's geometry. Hey, thanks for
  4. Hello all, So I have done a some tinkering and then some searching and then some reading. I am trying to get down to the bottom of a few issues I am having that are different from my past life in working with Illustrator. So.... I am working with text right now. I have taken the text and converted it to curves. 'O' is one of the letters and I am trying to isolate the inner linework and the outer linework as separate paths. In illustrator, this 'O' would typically behave as a compound path, but instead I found out that I have to use geometry divide in AD. Is this correct or am I missin
  5. Thank you pauls. As it appears, this has solved this issue for now. It may have been an issue with Designer opening with existing documents that were in use prior to the upgrade. Now that I have followed your steps, the issue seems to have gone away and that includes reopening Designer with the documents I was having issues with. Thank you.
  6. So far I am loving the updates for AD and AP. I am however having one issue: In Designer and when working with an existing document, whenever I select the Pixel Persona and show the layer panel, no layers are shown. When I attempt to add a layer, I can see that a new layer has indeed been created as indicated on the bottom toolbar that displays tips/info. Again though, these layers don't show in the layer window when working with an existing document. I have found a workaround for it. When a new document is created, layers in the layer panel appear properly and function just fine. Af
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