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  1. I'm a little confused about the way live filters work now. From what I can see when in the filters studio I can check the add live filters button and it will only show me filters that are available as live filters. This is great and really useful but..... Previously we could add a filter make some adjustments and then decide if we want it to be a live filter by pressing a button to convert it. Quite often I find I don't really know until I've made the initial adjustments if I would like to use a live filter or not. I can't see a way of converting to a live filter once I've picked my filter, am I just missing something obvious or is this just an adjustment to my workflow I need to start making.
  2. I've had this too, a lot. It seems to happen when there is a layer mask in use. If I zoom in and out of the image the missing area moves around, sometime the whole image is not visible.
  3. Heres a couple more images to demo the random line effect. All I did was tap the screen to remove a small area of the background in refine selection .
  4. Not 100% sure if this is an issue with photo or my iPad. I only see the issue in photo though and have no other touch related issues in other apps or iOS I find that when using Apple Pencil (maybe with fingers too, never tried) the touch point on screen seems to lock in a random area so when I place the pencil on the screen I will end up with a random line. This seems to happen more when I'm making a selection, refining a selection or editing a mask but it has happened in other areas too. I've noticed that when I have show touches enabled I get a random blue touch circle appear, it than just gets stuck on the screen. I'm on the latest beta but I've also seen this in the App Store version, its just happening a lot more with the current beta. 11" iPad Pro running iOS 12.3 with Apple Pencil 2 I've uploaded a couple of images that show the blue touch dot that indicates touch. I'm not touching the screen at that point its been there about 20 mins.
  5. Hi, I’d be willing to try and help you out if you like, I suspect like others have pointed out it’s not likely that Affinity Photo is the cause but that doesn’t change the fact you have some missing photos. I cant promise I can get them back but I’ll certainly try and work out what happened. Feel free to send me a private message if you like.
  6. Hi @Scapa, Thanks for pointing that thread out. That's exactly the issue issue I'm having. A new developer beta of iOS 11 has just landed so fingers crossed they changed back whatever they changed in the RAW engine,
  7. Yes I am running the beta, figures that it’s connected it’s the first time I’ve experienced it on this shoot. At least now I know, at first I thought it was my cameras sensor. I’ll just edit the problematic ones on a different iPad.
  8. I’m having an issue that only seems to have started with the latest beta. If I have an image that has blown highlights (at least that seems to only way I can replicate it) the highlights become pure black pixels. I’ve attached an extreme example so the black pixels are obvious but I’m finding when zooming into areas of on image to fix I’ll get a a few single black pixels. I’m having to clone them out.
  9. I see this button on a few filters but I just can't work out that it means. Is the a guide available that goes through all of the little icons within tools/filters/adjustments?
  10. I just finished reading that thread and thought well, there’s no need for my thread now, came here to update and post a link, you beat me to it haha, glad to see I’m not missing something obvious, it’s funny how once you know there is only a certain way to achieve what you want it makes the whole thing more bearable.
  11. Hi all, Now we have Photo for iPad which I'm sure will only get better and better, I though I would start a topic around workflows. It the minute I'm left scratching my head and I suspect I may just now be getting it fully. I've used photo on Mac since day one and have now got the point where it my only editing program. I'm a newborn and family photographer and especially in a newborn shoot I can have quite a lot of photo's to edit. Being able to do them on the move is going to change everything for me. That said I'm really struggling to to work out how the sync my edits between files. If I open on of my afphoto files on my iPad from iCloud Drive make some changes and then save it, it does not seem to change the file on my Mac (I'm saving by going to the document menu > Defaults > Save or by pressing the return to home arrow). The changes save on the home screen of the app but never save to the file thats in iCloud Drive. At first this made sense because I'm editing the local copy on the iPad. I thought I would be able to commit these changes to the iCloud file but it seems I can only make another copy which does the trick but having to do this everytime I want to switch between iPad/Mac is becoming a pain and I'm finding for this reason I just stick to Mac. It's equally frustrating the other was because if I make changes on Mac I have to then delete the file on iPad and reimport the afphoto file. Am I missing something here or is this the way it works at the moment.
  12. Hi all, thought I'd share a few Christmas photos I took and then edited with Affinity Photo
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