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  1. Is Affinity 32 or 64 bit? Could my difficulties in using Affinity with my iMac be due to the change to the 64 bit Catalina operating system?
  2. This started happening Mojave and continues in Catalina. I wanted to straighten a picture but didn't want to lose data on the margins so I enlarged the canvas and then used the format tool to straighten the picture, Applied the straightening then used the Inpainting tool to fill in the blank margins (quite successfully). When I went to Save the picture (Command S) After the timing bar completed its journey across the message appeared that the operation could not be completed and to try again at another time.
  3. I have about 20K pictures in my Photos file. I can access Affinity when I am editing an individual picture in Photos. However, if I open Affinity directly and go to File-Open my 20K Photos file does not appear. Yesterday I contacted Apple and they entered my computer and they tried several things but could not correct the problem and suggested that I contact you. The problem existed when I had the High Sierra operating system and continues now that I have Mojave. I bought Affinity in the Apple Store about 2 years ago.
  4. After I straighten a photo and use the Inpainting tool to fill-in the blank corners, then attempt to put a border around the photo by increasing the canvas size, the straightening is erased resulting in a tilted photo with a border around it. I have even tried to straighten the photo and close it and then re-opening reopening it to enlarge the canvas and add a border but the photo in the border returns to its crooked state.
  5. How do I reinstall the program. I have written before: when I process a picture using Affinity tools in Photos Extensions all is well. When I go to "Edit in Affinity" (either in Extensions or directly from my Task Bar the changes I make do not register. I can get no help from Apple "Affinity is a third party App", so my only hope is to either reinstall in case something got messed up when I updated to High Sierra or ?
  6. Fred Luskin

    Edited photos disappear

    Version 1.6.7 However I have had to re-instal High Sierra. Could that make a re-installation of Affinity necessary?
  7. Fred Luskin

    Edited photos disappear

    The version of Affinity that I have installed is 1.6.7. Thank you, Fred Luskin
  8. Fred Luskin

    Edited photos disappear

    When I use Affinity tools in "extensions" the edits appear on the photo after i click "Apply". However when I choose "Edit in Affinity" and edit the photo the changes I desire appear but when I click "Command S" or when I go to File and click on Save the edited photo disappears and the edits are not reflected on my picture in Photos. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Photoshop has a move and intelligent replace tool. Does Affinity have such a tool?
  10. Fred Luskin

    Apple announcement

    In the Apple announcement last week when they got down to Photos they stated that there would be enhanced access to 3d party processing systems (go out to editing system, perform edit and return of the edited photo to Photos). They specifically used Pixelmator as an example. Will Affinity be available to the same degree? I currently own Affinity use "Extensions" to get into a limited set of Affinity tools and have the altered photo returned automatically to Photos. I would like automatic access and return using The full Affinity tool set.
  11. When I bring a picture into Affinity from Photos, work on it and Save it, where does the new, enhanced picture go? I've tried using the full editing programs but cannot find my edited pictures. I have been using the Extensions feature in Photos and am happy with it, however you need to add the Clone brush tool to the Extensions roster. Another thing the Development tool in the Extensions works fine on JPEG (probably not as well as it would on a RAW image but a boost non the less).
  12. I want to edit a Photos picture in Affinity. How do I move that picture into Affinity from either "Extensions" in the Photos editing domaine or directly from Photos into Affinity THEN move the edited picture back into Photos replacing the original?
  13. Fred Luskin

    Sky effects

    Since many tourist photos show overcast skies, a tool to move skies in from a user provided "Skies" library after selecting/indicating the sky ares of the photo or merely coloring the sky area in an acceptable shade of blue would be of value.
  14. The inpainting tool appears in my Photos Edit-Extensions option but when I move a photo directly into Affinity the Inpainting tool does not appear amongst the other tools.
  15. I have the main Infinity icon in my Task Bar in addition to some of the retouching options in my Photos Extensions. How do I get an image from my Photos folder into the main Affinity program on my Task Bar and after retouching in Affinity get the retouched image back into my Photos folder?

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