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  1. I truly appreciate the help here. I go to affinity.serif.com and then at top right I click "menu". Then I click "my account" and I get the invitation to sign in to my affinity account. That's what I can't sign into. It doesn't like any combo of emails and passwords I enter. Now maybe I don't even want to go there, or have no need to. I don't know what's there because I can't get in to see it. I'm getting into help forum quite fine. Thanks again
  2. When I open Affinity, click on "my account", I get a screen that says "sign in to your Affinity account" and there are spaces to enter my email address and password but no combination of those works. My email address is the same as my Apple ID and was the one I used to purchase Affinity, so I'm guessing that's OK. The password might be the problem. I managed to get in to my account "settings" yesterday (don't know how) and reset my password, but neither the new one nor the old one nor my Apple ID password work to allow me to sign in to my Affinity account. Neither does it work to click on "forgot my password" because then I get a message that I've been sent instructions on resetting my password, but those instructions never arrive although all other emails sent to that address seem to arrive fine.
  3. Thanks to the_Giants_Bloomers. Your suggestion worked fine and I now have the latest version on both computers. Any suggestions on how I can fix my login problem? My PW and email combo. is not recognized even though I wrote it down so I'm, pretty sure I'm accurate on it. My PW and my user ID gets me into the chat forum so that works. When I click to reset password an explanatory email is supposedly sent to my email address but I never receive it, despite getting many emails received at that address every day
  4. I can't find a way to email Affinity folks directly and perhaps there isn't a way. Here's my issue. I somehow managed to get the latest version of Affinity on my iMac but not on my MacBook (where I have an older version). I can't figure out how to update the older version on MacBook. When I try to sign in to my Affinity account to hopefully update from inside the application, my email/password combo isn't recognized (although it is for this forum) and the password reset info I request doesn't make it to my inbox (although test emails to same address do). Thanks to anyone who can help. WH
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