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  1. Many thanks for your answer. I guess the answer is to build in the bleed to the original document size for now. Thanks again!
  2. When I export a Designer doc as a PDF I can tell it to include the bleed I entered in Document Setup. Is there a way to do this with an EPS? I can't see any options for including the bleed in export. Apologies if I'm missing something obvious ... Thanks!
  3. Thank you very much, Sean - appreciate your suggestion, and the greyscale conversion would be terrific. Thanks!
  4. Thanks again, barninga. I'll look into this a little more deeply. Wouldn't I expect to get the same dropout with Photoshop, though?
  5. I have 100s of comic pages I've drawn, saved as PSD files in bitmap format (ie. pure black and white), but when I try and open them in Affinity Photo I get a message saying 'Failed to open PSD file ... The file could not be parsed'. File > Place (into an RGB doc, for instance) doesn't seem to work for this either. I note AP doesn't have a BMP format, just RGB, greyscale and CMYK, but is there a way to open such files? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for that idea barninga. I checked using the Activity Monitor and there's nothing alarming going on that I can see. I'm starting to suspect it's the way AP interacts with the Wacom stylus. But can I do anything about it?
  7. Thank you for your suggestion, DWright. I get a similar kind of effect with a trackpad, though it's difficult to control that as well for drawing, so I'm not totally sure. The mouse also seems to sometimes miss drawing a line on short strokes - but I'm rather cack-handed at drawing with that! I get similar problems whether the 'force pressure' is toggled on or not, but perhaps it does have something to do with the way I use the pen ...
  8. Thanks for that suggestion, A_B_C. Yes - it is at 1%. As well as using AP's default brushes with the pixel tool I created my own pixel tool brush - spacing 1%, hardness 100%. Many thanks!
  9. I have been playing with AP and AD for about a month now and have just started to use them for Actual Work. I've done my first project in Designer and that went really well - love it. Last night I got into my first commercial work using Photo, and unfortunately I had to revert to Photoshop to get the job finished (I was on a deadline, so it was partly that I didn't have time to learn as I go!) But a big part of it was that I find the AP pixel tool a bit stuttery. In Photoshop, the equivalent pencil tool is something I use a lot - for both bitmapped line work and then for colouring. I need precision and flow. My problem with the AP pixel tool is it seems very slightly laggy, and perhaps because of this (or maybe a separate reason) it is sometimes slow to catch up with my cursor and either jumps or doesn't draw at all. Even if I slow down I sometimes get a jump and therefore a broken line. It's difficult to explain so I recorded a video to compare. You'll see it's quite subtle, and you might wonder what the fuss is, but the flow is important otherwise it would add hours to my work. I hope you can see the difference between the two. It's mainly only apparent on small short lines, longer or bigger lines aren't as much of a problem, though sometimes still break. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it AP or is it my set up? I'm using a Wacom Intuos 4 (PTK-840), the driver is, I believe, the latest (6.3.15-2). Mac OS 10.11.3. Photoshop is CS4, and AP is 1.4.1. [The artwork in the video is an old piece and I'm just mucking about on it to demonstrate the type of thing I mean). https://youtu.be/3Pxpre0mkTA
  10. Is it that one of your documents is RGB format and the other is CMYK format (you can still use the RGB colour picker in a CMYK document)? Colour Format can be seen under the Document menu. Hope I've understood you correctly.
  11. Thanks for the tip about 'Past Style' R C-R. I did use the sampler/eye-drop tool to pick up the style of an object or font and apply it to another quite a lot in Illustrator (thought I was on CS2) - it was useful.
  12. I've just noticed the 'Recent' section in the Swatches tab - that'll be very useful. (I've played around with Photo but haven't yet used it within my normal workflow - am just about to with a new project, so my education into Photo's characteristics and features will no doubt go up a few notches!)
  13. Although the alt key works to pick up a colour when using the paintbrush, it doesn't work when using the fill/paint bucket tool, which I think does seem a bit inconsistent. I use the fill tool a lot in various projects and have to change colour regularly, so it is a bit of a process.
  14. I have this issue too, so please excuse me resurrecting this old thread. Is there any advance on this? If I copy a section of my image from 300dpi doc sized in mm, when I do New From Clipboard I get it in a 96 dpi doc sized in pixels. I can change it, of course (change pixels to mm, resolution and uncheck Resample), but would ease workflow if it remained consistent with what's being copied. Many thanks :-)
  15. Ah, lovely - thank you for pointing me in the right direction, pauls. I see there's Paste Style in Designer too.
  16. Is there any way (in Designer or Photo) to copy the Layer Effects of one layer and apply them to another layer (so you can have precisely the same settings)? I used to do this in Photoshop by command-dragging the effect onto another layer (I think it was command ... some modifier anyway!). Many thanks :-) (Edit: I like the fact you can have the Layer Effects panel open and then select different layers and the panel updates to show that layer's settings. That helps a bit with entering the same values on another layer.)
  17. Well, after a day of downloading a bucket full of various graphics apps and file converters and having no luck with any better EPS import into TypeTool, I found two solutions. One was to use FontForge as a staging post between Designer and TypeTool - but FontForge is a bit of a slow hulking beast (under XQuartz). The better solution, and the one I've gone for, is to invest in a copy of Glyphs Mini - I can paste easily between Designer and Glyphs Mini, and it's a really nice little app. I'm keeping TypeTool around - it's a good partner to GM (though may be redundant eventually).
  18. Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but I had the same problem and found this topic on a search. Thanks, Dave, for the EPS export advice - it does get AFD's EPS recognised by TypeTool (which is great), but the quality is not so good, so it's not an ideal solution (too much reworking needed in TypeTool). Here is a screengrab showing the letter X from my font created in Adobe Illustrator (imported into AFD, I can't use my old CS2 AI on my new computer!) and then on the right the AFD-exported EPS version that I get into TypeTool through using the 'minimise size' option. It's the EPS itself here, not any conversion on TypeTool's part. You can see the EPS has lost its smooth curve and is more angular. Any ideas for a more accurate result, anyone? Thank you :-) (Edit: when I used Illustrator I could select and copy the object and paste it right into TypeTool's glyph window. I could also import into ScanFont and then get it into TypeTool from there.)
  19. Thanks for your reply, MBd - much appreciated. Re-reading my post I see I worded it quite badly ... it wasn't the artwork I wanted as 1-bit BMP, but an equivalent of Photoshop's hard-edged (ie. no anti-aliasing) pencil tool. I think I've found it in AP's Pixel Tool (slightly modified). I was also having a problem with scanning on my new computer - a separate issue, and I think I've solved that too. Thank you again :-)
  20. Thought I'd bump this as I've been searching for information on how to/whether it's possible to have totally clean BMP artwork - as in just black and white, no antialiasing on the line. The equivalent of Photoshop's pencil tool, but also to scan in BMP mode. Is it possible or is not a feature? Thank you.
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