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  1. Hi Callum, Thanks for this, but after 'developing' a RAW image (and saving as .afphoto) the adjustments are lost. Adjusting a non-RAW image or an afphoto image (and saving the adjustments), saving, and copying to another image would work, but I'm not getting this when the adjustments I want were done to a RAW image. Unless I'm completely mis-understanding you. Is there an option to save the changes made to a RAW image?
  2. Is it possible, in Affinity Photo, to copy all the adjustments made to a RAW file and then paste these (into a different RAW file) in order to 'develop' that other similar file in the same way? In both Lightroom and Capture One Pro this is possible. I've looked at 'Batch' but this seems not to be appropriate for copying adjustments.
  3. WildCottage

    'Transform' dialogue

    Many thanks MEB, I'd not spotted the previous comments ...
  4. The 'Transform' dialogue shows the position, on a page, of various elements. Standard stuff, no problem - except that the 'Y' dimension, in my multi-page document only gives a 'Y' value based upon the origin of the document, NOT the individual page I'm looking at; I get a huge minus figure! (see screen capture; TransformDialogue) I can see how this is calculated (number of pages x depth of each proceeding page, + local distance on page), but when trying to place an item on, say, page 7, I'm left with a complex mental arithmatic excercise to place it at a particular spot. I've tried moving the page origin to no avail. (see screen capture; RulersOrigin) Is there a way to make the 'Transform' dialogue reflect the actual numbers of the particular page I'm working on please?
  5. Many thanks MEB, that did the trick!
  6. What has happened to these tools? Have they moved or simply vanished in this version - 1.7.0. 283
  7. WildCottage

    Overflowing Text Box

    Hi Walt I'm now convinced that either the previous version of the software was at fault, or, more likely, I was doing something wrong. I've re-set all the text - it now fits properly - 18pt instead of 30pt - and I even remembered how to make the background of the text box transparent. Solved! But still cannot figure out why! Best wishes ...
  8. WildCottage

    Overflowing Text Box

    Hi Walt, thanks for your reply. I checked 'special characters' and there's nothing added; and it all fitted properly under the previous version of the software - see Untitled3. I selected all the text and checked the leading in the ToolBar. It said 'default' and 30pt. I changed this to 'exactly' 30pt and then scanned down the list expecting the value to change. It did change, but not in the text itself ... See '4' and '5' I've just deleted that text box and re-drawn it - it now behaves properly and the point size is now 18, not 30! Maybe there was something wrong before and the update has corrected this? It was really odd last time because I'd set this document up in Apple's Pages, and the 30pt suggested in Affinity seemed wrong - it had been 18pt in Pages. Just need to figure out how to make the text box transparent instead of white now!
  9. I've just updated to the latest Beta (140) and then opened a document that I made in a previous version (probably 139 or earlier on 14th September) Untitled2 is a grab of the previous file (output as a PDF) and Untitled shows the result in the updated software. I am unable to control the leading - which seems to be the reason for the overspill of text. Any answers please?
  10. I had the same issues when trying to re-size a .tiff file with a transparent background. The picture was overlaid across anther picture. mac_heibu says it all - it works if you make a picture frame using the picture frame tool and then manipulate accordingly. After that you don't seem to be able to get back to it. Definitely needs more work on this tool ...
  11. WildCottage

    Edit in AP from Apple Photos

    Hi Sean I saw your reply in my e-mail account and rushed to the Applications Folder. Yes, both AP and AD were in a sub-folder. It was when I downloaded AD recently that I put them inside a sub-folder! Well, who knew that would happen? Apple Photos now plays with AP properly - many thanks for helping me!! Apologies for me being an idiot ...
  12. WildCottage

    Edit in AP from Apple Photos

    Hi Sean I select an image in Apple Photos and then select the edit menu. I click and hold the 'extensions' and from the drop down menu choose 'Edit in Affinity Photo' It's at this point that Apple Photos tells me - Affinity Photo could not be launched. Please press cancel. This happens even when AP is already running. I've checked that all the AP extensions are selected, although in the past I only bothered with 'Edit in Affinity Photo' as that covered all I needed. I've tried with just that extension and with all of them checked, but it makes no difference.
  13. I used to be able to edit my photos in Affinity Photo, from Apple Photos. Not 100% sure when this failed. I don't think Photos has been updated recenlty (currently I have OS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1114)), Photos is Version 2.0 (3161.4.140) and Affinity Photo is 1.6.6. It may be that the last time I tried to edit successfully was with AP 1.5 Can anyone confirm that the link between to two apps has been lost please?
  14. WildCottage


    Many thanks MED and Callum! I plan to use two screens in future (probably iMac + an Eizo calibrated display). Can I have all the tools etc. on one screen and the image/s on the other via the 'separated mode'?
  15. Many thanks MEB Isn't AP wonderful!

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