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  1. Hello everyone, including you wizards @ Affinity! The new version 1.8.4, just announced, has cured the 'odd' behaviour regarding 'Merge Selection'. On the test file I uploaded in February it now doesn't matter in which order the layers are selected. The resultant merge looks as intended! Many thanks to everyone who worked on this ...
  2. Hi Anon2 Sorry for the confusion! When I answered your original post I thought I was saying that a 'correction' for this error was not in 1.8.2 or 1.8.3. In that respect I was correct, but simply added to the confusion ...
  3. Hi Anon2 Perhaps I didn't specify clearly, but if you choose the top layer first, and then successive layers down from there, the 'oddness' still takes place when you combine the layers.If selecting from the bottom layer upwards it does not. I'm using 1.8.3
  4. Thanks MEB Photo composition is something I do often, so I noticed the 'weird' behaviour immediately, and wondered "what on Earth"?
  5. Hi Chris B This is the way I've always blended two or more images - going back to , Photoshop, Pixelmater etc. Yes, the first layer in the document (which becomes the bottom layer after adding other images) is the starting point for selecting; but I'm sure this didn't matter in 1.7.3 and previous. So I'm creating a montage - not necessarily a final image with seamless edges - is there a better way - that I'm not aware of please?
  6. Hi Chris B I can now re-create this in a new file. If you select both layers, from top to bottom the weirdness happens. If you select both layers, from bottom to top it's OK. So the order is key - but shouldn't be ... MergeSelected.afphoto
  7. Hi Chris B I've just created a new document and cannot reproduce the problem! The other document is confidential, but it was started in 1.7.3 Maybe that's the problem. I'll keep you informed regarding further documents.
  8. I've upgraded to 1.8.1 and found an odd behaviour. I have several layers, some with masks; when I select say two or three (not all the layers in the document) and use 'merge select' I get odd results. There are gaps in the resulting layer, where the masks have been used. If I undo and try again, sometimes several times, it aventually works. Has this been reported as a bug?
  9. Hi Callum, Thanks for this, but after 'developing' a RAW image (and saving as .afphoto) the adjustments are lost. Adjusting a non-RAW image or an afphoto image (and saving the adjustments), saving, and copying to another image would work, but I'm not getting this when the adjustments I want were done to a RAW image. Unless I'm completely mis-understanding you. Is there an option to save the changes made to a RAW image?
  10. Is it possible, in Affinity Photo, to copy all the adjustments made to a RAW file and then paste these (into a different RAW file) in order to 'develop' that other similar file in the same way? In both Lightroom and Capture One Pro this is possible. I've looked at 'Batch' but this seems not to be appropriate for copying adjustments.
  11. Hi Sean I saw your reply in my e-mail account and rushed to the Applications Folder. Yes, both AP and AD were in a sub-folder. It was when I downloaded AD recently that I put them inside a sub-folder! Well, who knew that would happen? Apple Photos now plays with AP properly - many thanks for helping me!! Apologies for me being an idiot ...
  12. Hi Sean I select an image in Apple Photos and then select the edit menu. I click and hold the 'extensions' and from the drop down menu choose 'Edit in Affinity Photo' It's at this point that Apple Photos tells me - Affinity Photo could not be launched. Please press cancel. This happens even when AP is already running. I've checked that all the AP extensions are selected, although in the past I only bothered with 'Edit in Affinity Photo' as that covered all I needed. I've tried with just that extension and with all of them checked, but it makes no difference.
  13. I used to be able to edit my photos in Affinity Photo, from Apple Photos. Not 100% sure when this failed. I don't think Photos has been updated recenlty (currently I have OS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1114)), Photos is Version 2.0 (3161.4.140) and Affinity Photo is 1.6.6. It may be that the last time I tried to edit successfully was with AP 1.5 Can anyone confirm that the link between to two apps has been lost please?
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