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  1. I see a few feature requests for exports to default to the documents folder when saving, however I'd like for exports to have their own file path and operations (such as changing that path) be relative to that path. Example: I'm working on logo.afdesign in my Work/ folder. I want the exports to go to Site/html/assets/ folder. As of now, I'm constantly having to drill through several directories every time I want to add an export or make changes. Woe betide if I'm switching between documents in different Work/ folders exporting to yet other Site/ folders.
  2. The text styles in Designer 1.5 seem to work well. However, I have a paragraph style that has a large margin top and bottom and would like to use a soft return (typically Shift-Return, sort of equivalent to <br> in HTML) to start a new line without starting a new paragraph. Is there a way to do this?