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  1. Hoi Margriet, 😉 I used to go to the Amsterdam-based Computercollectief computer-bookstore in real life, many moons ago. You might like to try a search in their webshop. Vriendelijke groet, Metin
  2. Thank you very much Margriet. Are you also from the Netherlands? And do you have a site as well, so I can take a look at your work?
  3. Thanks Kevin! Well, I've been solely using Blender for several months, but while sculpting this I realized some things would be easier using ZBrush, so I returned, and rediscovered ZBrush. 🙂
  4. Thank you! I'm always using the very latest Blender alpha version, in this case 2.9. Love to try the latest additions. CG Cookie, definitely! I already posted it there. 👍
  5. Thanks, @GarryP! Sure, here's the unprocessed, pure rendering. As you can see it misses the dynamism of the processed final image. That's what I added using Affinity Photo, as well as using the Inpainting tools to fine-tune some of the textured background. I've also added a slight grainy texture on the croc, to make him less separated from the grungy background.
  6. Thumbs up — Cute 3D crocodile cartoon character design Concept: Jordan Koch Sculpted and painted in ZBrush, Rendered in Blender, post-processed using Affinity Photo Hope you like it! 😊 🔗 metinseven.nl #alligator #crocodile #cute #cartoon #toy #character #designer #illustration #affinity #affinityphoto #blender3d #b3d #zbrush
  7. Wow, being predominantly a 3D designer, this is a very welcome addition to me, thanks @Andy Somerfield! 👍
  8. Cartoony pink dragon 3D sculpture. Post-processed using Affinity Photo. (Concept: Dom Murphy)
  9. Thanks a lot, @tonyrambler, much appreciated!
  10. Don't we all know those nightly computing hours?
  11. A cartoony monster face, because monsters deserve attention too. Concept by Joey Ellis. Sculpting and rendering done in Blender 3D. Post-processing and fine-adjustment performed using Affinity Photo. More images: metinseven.nl
  12. Feline egg — cartoony 3D artwork (concept: Marija Tiurina) Post-processed / fine-adjusted using Affinity Photo.
  13. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!
  14. Better not be naughty, or you might face... Demon Judge!
  15. Many thanks, @affinity4Christ15, much appreciated!
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