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    CircularWebs reacted to Krolly in Is there a scalpel or scissor tool in Affinity Designer yet?   
    I find the only way to cut an image into two separate sections at the moment is to redraw BOTH sections. Copy paste and deleting the nodules I don't want, still leaves the half image as a compound shape and 'release compound' greyed out.
    Has a workaround been found please?
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    CircularWebs reacted to Greyfox in Is there a scalpel or scissor tool in Affinity Designer yet?   
    .. or if it is a closed curve or shape you want to cut, you could draw another closed curve across it and use the subtract function.

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    CircularWebs reacted to xresch in Affinity Designer: Create a Multi Image Brush   
    In this tutorial I will show you how you can create a colorful brush with multiple images using Affinity Designer.
    I created 5 brushes like these in this tutorial and you can go and download them from my freebies page:
      -  https://www.xresch.com/design-freebies/
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    CircularWebs reacted to eegler in Poster COVID-19   

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    CircularWebs reacted to Multi4G in Super Awesome Layer Tricks - Affinity Photo   
    Find out the magic behind embedded Affinity Photo Files, blending of FX layers and how to group Layers so they don't loose their impact on the image. Also i give you some advice on how to prepare files so they work with as many other files as possible
    Styles Pack (50 Portrait + 42 Landscape Styles): https://gumroad.com/l/JIXnS
    Support me on Patreon: 
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    Photo used for Cover:
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    CircularWebs reacted to Mensch Mesch in Affinity Publisher - How to use Affinity Photo live filter perspective on text frame via studio link   
    In this short demo I'll show you how to use the Live Filter - Perspective of Affinity Photo on a text-frame in Affinity Publisher.

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    CircularWebs reacted to Multi4G in Hologram from Hand - in Affinity Photo // Tutorial   
    Learn to create a cool Hologram Effect, coming from a Hand. This Affinity Photo tutorial will show you who to make any photo look like a SciFi Hologram with ease.
    Get all of my PRO Packs for Affinity Photo and save 50% 
    (19.99$ instead of 40$) https://gum.co/XvOFh
    VOTE on the next PACK:
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    CircularWebs reacted to MEB in [By Design] Problem When Import Macros   
    Hi eduguedes,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    This is not a bug. You have to import .afmacros files from the Library panel (not from the Macro panel). You can access it going to menu View ▸ Studio ▸ Library, then clicking on the menu icon on the top right of the panel and select Import Macros....
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    CircularWebs reacted to Sahil Ansari in Neon Glow Line around the person | Affinity Photo Tutorial   
    In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, You will see, How to create Neon Glow Line around persons in Affinity Photo. In this tutorial, I used the Pen Tool and Node Tool for creating the line. I hope you like the video. Thanks
    #affinitytuts, #neongloweffect, #affinityphoto
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    CircularWebs reacted to walt.farrell in Download Link   
    It should serve the same purpose, though, shouldn't it. Vimeo allows you to download the videos to your machine, and play them whenever you want.
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    CircularWebs reacted to Alfred in Download Link   
    There are currently 223 tutorial videos on the official Affinity Photo channel, each one available in five different formats. That’s an awful lot of material for someone to compile into a small collection of downloads on the off-chance that a few users might want to download a complete set.
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    CircularWebs got a reaction from Alfred in Download Link   
    Can't please everyone...
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    CircularWebs reacted to firstdefence in Curves and Outlines Help!   
    Yes Curves are the same as outlines
    Make sure you have the Move tool selected (V) Select the text Click on Convert to curves Affinity Photo will create a group with all of the letters on separate layers as curves that can be edited.

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    CircularWebs reacted to R C-R in Curves and Outlines Help!   
    Adding slightly to what @firstdefence said, if you want just the unfilled, 'hollow' outlines of the text characters, you can do that after converting the text to separate curves by selecting all of them, adding a stroke of the desired outline width, & setting their fill to "none."

    As was done here, you may also want to adjust the spacing between the individual curves a bit for a little different, more uniform look.
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    CircularWebs reacted to Lee D in Installing Free/Included 1.6 Content   
    Regarding the content that came with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer between 2nd November and 16th November 2017
    Installing the Content
    Once you have claimed and downloaded the free/included content,  each zip file has instructions in an included PDF as to how to install it or use it in the appropriate Affinity application. Each one is different. For the Photo Content there is also a video on the Uplift Epic Skies collection here https://vimeo.com/240834026
    As well as being inside the Zip files, you can also find these Quick start guides here in our dropbox account
    Frankentoon: (Frankentoon-TexturizerPro-Brushes.zip)
    GradeUI Kit: (grade-ui-kit.zip)
    Tom Chalky: (tom-chalky-handcrafted-fonts-textures.zip)
    Dirk: (dirk-wustenhagen-fine-art-texture-collection.zip)
    Macro Pack: (macro-pack.zip)
    Uplift Epic Skies: (Uplift-Epic-Skies-Overlays.zip)
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    CircularWebs reacted to John Rostron in Affinity Photo editing tutorial "The Portal"   
    Thanks, I much prefer written tutorials like this.
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    CircularWebs reacted to Sahil Ansari in Create amazing rope text effect in Affinity Designer | Discover Idea   
    In this Affinity Designer tutorial, You will learn how to create an amazing rope text effect using the Pen tool, Node Tool, and Rope Thick Brush. After this work applying outer shadow from layer effect for an amazing look. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks.
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    CircularWebs reacted to R C-R in How Do I See Photo Megapixels   
    If the View (Hand) Tool is selected, the pixel dimensions, megapixel (MP) size, & the color profile should all be displayed in the Context toolbar. If the Context toolbar is not visible, tick "Show Context Toolbar" in the View menu.
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    CircularWebs reacted to Totte in Composite photo(?)   
    Hi, I'm fairly new to photo editing and I just bought AP. I'm trying to achieve this effect by following this (PS) tutorial, tho I'm stuck at what hes does at 6:00 into the clip. When I'm trying to make the mask and then invert it, tho I don't get the same effect in AP. Could anyone explain how to achieve this in AP? Couldn't find any AP tutorial on a similar effect.
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    CircularWebs reacted to DM1 in Composite photo(?)   
    Is it similar to this.
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    CircularWebs reacted to DM1 in Composite photo(?)   
    I'm on iPad (which handles masks a little differently to desktop) but the technique in your video sample can be reproduced easily enough (6.00 min mark). Open main image (washer (or clock in my example). Place second image (mountains and road). Second image layer is above main image layer. Lower opacity of second image and move it/size it to get road in opening of main image. When happy, restore opacity to 100%.
    Add a mask layer to the second image (the one you want to show through). Select the mask layer, go to channels and invert the mask layer. This makes it black to block out (mask) the image. Now you see only the main image.
    Use selection tool and elliptical marquee tool to draw over the main image where you want the second image to show through. Copy this selection to new layer and fill this selection with white (white unmasks), now drag this new white circle layer onto the 'mask' layer associated with the second image. This creates a white circle on your black mask. The portion of the back image revealed by the white circle shows through on the front image. This is what occurs at the 6:00min mark of your video. (Actually same concept as the video I referred you to).
    To finish the effect select a paintbrush and white colour then paint into the mask layer to reveal the road coming through the opening.
    You can reduce the opacity of the white circle to show a little of the clock face as in my example.
    Add another background (ocean wave). Mask the bits you want to see as white. 2nd image.

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    CircularWebs reacted to EdD in Border boredom   
    I doubt it can get much simpler than this : 
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    CircularWebs reacted to The Computer Lab in Cutting Out Image In Affinity Photo   
    Hi all, thought I would share a quick tutorial I have done - showing how to cut out a image selection using the brush tool in Affinity Photo. Apologies if this post is in the wrong area.
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    CircularWebs reacted to Mensch Mesch in AD Tutorial - How to use Copy items as SVG   
    In this tutorial I will demonstrate the option Copy items as SVG in Affinity Designer 1.6.0.  
    I use this function often to animate SVG with CSS keyframe animations and some JS in HTML. Just like this example which is a GIF (SVG is not allowed because of it's security issue).

    You can watch the original SVG file here.
    Keep on drawin'
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    CircularWebs reacted to sam3 in Downloading tutorials   
    I want to download a few tutorials to a usb drive or external hard drive to show members of my Camera Club what they are missing.
    The selected tutorials will be projected at a Club evening. 
    Please advise,is this permitted and how do I do the download bit.
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