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  1. Hi, I've just heard days ago that there will be a layout and typesetting addition to the Affinity line of apps, which, if it turns out well, would allow me to ditch all of my Adobe apps, which would be very liberating. Please allow me to chime in on the feature discussion, in particular, opening InDesign files. Have you (the developers) looked at the InDesign Exchange format (INX)? It's one of the save/export options in every InDesign version I've known. It's a bundled file containing a number of XML-based files that describe the complete document losslessly. The structure is superficially very much like the Open Document Spec (for office apps). This should be *relatively* easy to read/import as it's pretty verbatim and self-explanatory and does not require any reverse-engineering or "guesswork". It was created so that users of different versions of InDesign can exchange their documents, which works perfectly. The INX files are even *smaller* than InDesign's native format, so I wonder why that's not the default format. My guess is that InDesign's native format is simply a dump of the internal object structure in memory (which can be re-converted to the live memory structure very quickly), containing all sorts of intermediate/cache data, which is why it's so large, and why it would probably be lots of work to reverse engineer. So, on the side of the developers, this (an INX file reader/parser) would probably be economically feasible to implement, and on the side of the users willing to switch, all you need to do is export all your InDesign files to INX and you're done. You could even write an AppleScript to do that automatically for a large number of files, I'm sure.
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