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    Crash HSL

    In, when I try to add an HSL adjustment or open one that had been created before the update to, Publisher crashes. Tried with a new file to see if it was just the file I was working on, but it happens with new files as well.
  2. KateBrennan

    Crash HSL

    Cleared the settings, but no, still does the same thing. I've attached the crash report that it gives me. CrashReport.rtf
  3. KateBrennan

    Crash HSL

    Just creating a new file, putting a square on it, and trying to do the HSL adjustment from the layers panel did that. Same if I use the menu. I've attached a screen recording. I'm literally just opening a new blank document and putting something on it, then adding the HSL adjustment. Same thing happens if I add it on pictures or anything else as well. If, by some miracle, it doesn't crash right away and actually opens the HSL adjustment window, just moving the sliders a bit has it crashing. Screen Recording 2018-10-06 at 3.55.36 PM.mov
  4. If I want to open a file from Lightroom to edit in Affinity and appear back in Lightroom, I just open the file via Lightroom Edit In -> Edit in Affinity -> Edit a Copy. I have Lightroom set up so that my external editor is Affinity, and it saves as PSDs. I do whatever edits I need done in Affinity, then Export as PSD, overwriting the one Lightroom had just created. When I'm back in Lightroom, the edit is there, with no need to synchronize the folder. I generally save as PSD just so that I can still have access to the adjustments I made on each layer later on. It also saves to the same file format as Lightroom, while with tiff, Lightroom saves as .tif and Affinity as .tiff so it doesn't overwrite the file that Lightroom creates. To automatically appear in Lightroom without synchronizing, it has to overwrite the file that Lightroom created.
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    Affinity Photo iPad (Pro)

    Digital Asset Management, if I remember correctly.