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  1. Hi, i have seen that the pictures have a different size than the original File. The original File has a size of 7952 × 5304. If i open this File in Affinity Photo the size of this picture gets increased to 8000 × 5320. This is a Raw file from this cam: Sony alpha 7R2 ( ILCE-7RM2 ) Same problem when i open this picture as DNG. If i open this Picture in other Programs it has the right size. Best Mirco
  2. For other People maybe with the same problem, you can open the file in Photoshop and save it as DNG. The DNG file works for me like expected in Affinity Photo. So this is my workaround until this problem gets fixed.
  3. Hi, i tried your settings, but the problem is still there. I send you an Testfile to your Email address. ( Email Subject: Problem in Topic 15914 ) Thanks for your time to look at my problem. Mirco
  4. so, i have done more tests. This problem occurs every time when i have a exposure >= 1 second. If the exposure is smaller than 1 seconds the pictures looks like expected without the purple pink overlay. So maybe i make something completely wrong or this is a bug ?
  5. i added a 3 picture, its shows the image when i don't use the tone curve assist. A little bit better but it fix not the the problem
  6. Hi, i am new to Affinity Photo. I have some problems if i open some Raw pictures in Affinity. The problems occur`s when i open some dark / night photos ( Raw File ). My first intention is that the problem can be the long exposure of the picture. If i open other pictures raw files ( shot in normal light and short exposure ) I have attached 2 pictures, the first is from Affinity Photos ( direkt after opening the raw file ) and the second File open in Photoshop Some details from my Camera and Settings: Cam: Sony alpha 7R2 ( ILCE-7RM2 ) Settings: ISO 500, f4, 26mm, 20seconds Thanks for your help Mirco
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