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  1. On 11/11/2017 at 2:56 PM, Rob123456789 said:

    I managed to find the solution that does both for me!

    1) I selected the skull image

    2) Clicked on Layer > Rasterise to Mask

    3) dragged the new skull/mask layer underneath the green layer so it became the layer mask

    4) placed a photo behine the skull

    Now my skull is green and the white is transparant.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.


    This is exactly what I needed. This magical option "Layer > Rasterise to Mask" that I didn't know






  2. Hi

    I know and appreciate both Drippy cat and James Ritson tutorials. I understand mikep and I feel too that I miss longer videos dealing with entire project. A useful bonus would be the initial RAW file, to be able to reproduce the different steps and compare my result to your... 

    Perhaps what could be improved is to detail your trials and errors (ie : let us try this tool this this value ... hum ... bad result because this and this, let us try another way, etc.)


    I don't know if any of you understand french, but I find the following web site to be excellent : http://www.oitregor.com/numeric/affinity_photo/contenu.html 

    Many tutorials are missing as today, but this is a structured approach I find perfect for my style of learning. Perhaps having such a roadmap would be a good start.


    Thanks again for your videos !

  3. May I suggest that Luminar will have a Digital Asset Management in 2018. In my (humble) opinion, and considering the way I develop my RAWs, Luminar is really competitive with Lightroom but misses some advanced features (and more) that Affinity offers. No question, I need both softwares! So, for me (again!) Luminar + Affinity photo is a good solution to avoid Lightroom. I patiently wait for the promised DAM next year and I will get rid of Lightroom 6 I still use a little bit today.


    Hope it helps

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