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  1. That's not efficient, that's a workaround. Anyway, i'm not installing Photo and Designer with my next reinstall. Too much features are absent, the balance hangs too much to cons for me with this software. And i'm not even a real poweruser with both Illustrator and Photoshop. Go figure.
  2. Yup, but affinity-documents won't play ball with graphics software like RIP (large format vinylprinters) or vinylcutting software. So i HAVE to export this to a non-affinity document like PDF or EPS. But loading those back in, for a minor change... ends up back at PX. Because the application doesn't enforce one choice for the user of the software. As long as you stay within the affinity documents you're in luck. Otherwise, I'll end up using Adobe Illustrator. I hate to still needing that software for the stupidest reasons... I like Designer, but it's like a half-full toolbox and the lid keeps popping open when you try to close it... or something like that.
  3. yup windows 10. And I believe also using the latest version.
  4. Using the artboard tool, the changes you make cannot be undone. You'll need to close the document without saving, and start over. The undo function does work, but leaves you with a messed up document. goes for imported files like PDF, but also native afdesigner files.
  5. This is an ideal tool to isolate complex vector drawings. Then invert the selection and delete the waste from your artwork. Now i've got to click and point this by hand, a nightmare. I'm getting more and more reasons to stay with AI then seeing any advantages, besides the Designer app being much faster and cheaper in licensing. But what good is software if you're missing out on alot of tools.
  6. FILE - > "PLACE ... " point it to a vector file. And it will be converted to a bitmap.
  7. Just discovered something odd, when i create a new document and place a EPS file in it... it's vectorisation gets lost. It's placed as a bitmap! If i open it in a seperate document, copy it to the intended document; then there's nothing wrong.
  8. Logic would be setting a default unit for once and everything after that, and if you need something else (for one specific document) you can change it for that document. That is the logical way in my opinion. The problem does not exist if you stay within the own affinity document files. But i need to export stuff to PDF, EPS for other software.
  9. Fixed now, i 'scheduled' it, and i cannot see anywhere just publish now... Youtube is getting difficult too.
  10. After five years this is still unsolved. The pathfinder is something that will never be fixed, basically for me this is a very common tool to use with designing stuff. Doing a simple handwritten text, for vinyl sticker on a front door... like old day in Illustrator. Where everything just works.
  11. Yes Dominik, you are absolutly right. I fully understand why, I would do the same in that case. So you are in luck, I have to export stuff to eps, and loading that back in; And im back to the px units Terrible
  12. This is an extention to my previous post, long time ago. ( To "illustrate" the problem, i put down (in Editable text) for example with a handwritten font. Where the letters overlap eachother.) HELLO HELLO HELLO Then convert this to contours, you'll see in Outline View mode that your text is overlapping, to merge these, you need to ungroup the whole set. Otherwise your pathfinder tools won't be available. Merge them with pathfinder, and regroup them. You can imagine this is rediculous in many instances, and ALOT of extra work I don't know why, but grouped items is a pain from Affinity Designer from the start, it's not working like it's supposed to do.
  13. Just in short, FORCE the application to always use Millimeters to the users needs. (set it once, just like in Ai) Basta. So the application has to convert it, so no matter what you export it to, it will always honor the users decision for units. This is so damn simple. Just cannot understand why this is such hassle. Everyone would agree with me, with design or other areas. NOBODY USES px in vector orientated designsoftware. Pixels is for pictures, mm is for vector/designwork.
  14. It all goes sideways, when exporting it to an NON Affinity document. So you set it all correctly, save the affinitydesigner format. Then export it to EPS (to cut graphics on vinyl plotter). Then you realise you need to edit the file again, you'll take the EPS open it in Affinity, boom we're back at PT. Pixels, Points useless stuff within Designer. That's why the Application itself has to overrule the units chosen inside the document. So, set it once in the application to your desired units. Then never have to think about it ever again. Yes, I turned off the Lines and text in points.
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