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  1. Can somebody explain why it can be difficult to be implemented in AD when InkScape does it without (any) problem?
  2. All colors should be global/linked colors. Not to be divided as standard and global/linked ones.
  3. It is about layers that contain pictures. Just put a link in that layer to the file on the hard disk, like layout apps do, Instead of embedding it. This way new files would be much, much smaller than now. Is this a good idea?
  4. It is not true. Have you ever worked with ID or QXP? You can see items off the page (pasteboard) all the time. And they will always be beside the page you put them on so they will not interfere with items on other pasteboards. Or, you can put them into library and reach them more quickly.
  5. Designer and Publisher can/must definitely be joined into one app. Photo can also join that union but, let don't push things that way, for now. It is still not too late. Developers can start adding Publisher's functionality to Designer and join these two apps into one on the fly.
  6. Exactly, it is not the same. But, when you watch a bilboard from a distance you can't see the pixels, and if the wall don't have a smooth surface -- it is the same. You will not see a difference.
  7. You should reduce the dimension to 1/10th. So, it should be 20cm x 10cm with 300 dpi. It is the same as you would like to print bilboard.
  8. "Layout" or "Corpus" would be fine. And all three programs merged into one. I don't like prefixes or sufixes like "Pro", "Ultimate" and so on.
  9. +1 Up to now, my opinion is that CorelDRAW has the most precize tracing engine. But, unfortunatelly, as you now, this is a Win app.
  10. +1 I also asked for this few months earlier, though for ALL the programs, because designing is consisted of using all these programs in any combination, not only one of them. I agree that Designer and Publisher have a lot of code in common and nobody can exactly say what strictly belongs to Publisher and what to Designer. Both of them are primarily vector oriented. But (for now) Affinity team does not like this suggestion at all.
  11. Some applications display the glyphs only for Normal/Regular font or better said -- non-italic ones. It would be very convenient if Affinity software displays the glyphs from ALL members of the typeface family because, especially for Macedonian users, there are some specific glyphs for our language in italic fonts.
  12. Maybe it's better to ask Affinity if they plan to add Aperture/Lightroom capabilities to Photo?
  13. +1 Corel also has nice ideas for some "problems": 1. Doesn't have special icons for rounded rectangles, but it uses "Shape Tool" with option to choose which anngle(s) to round; 2. Pies and Arcs are also drawn with the same "Shape Tool". For pies you select the elipse's control point and drag the mouse inside the elipse, for arcs -- outside. 3. By double clicking on a shape you enter automatically into "Bezier drawing mode" and add a new curve control point. With double clicking on an existing control point -- you delete it. Now, in Designer or Photo you can add: CTRL + click on a control point to convert it to a Cusp node, SHIFT + click -- into smooth node, and with ALT + click -- into symetrical node, just without additional "Pen/Bezier" icons in Tools Palette. CTRL + click on a line segment -- to toggle between straight line and curve mode.
  14. Maybe it is better if Affinity team implement (all) those plug-ins as Photo's native tools. From the 5-6 most interested vendors there are plug-ins that are repeated (like masking tool...). So there won't so much plug-ins to add. Just choose the best (masking) tool and make it a part of Photo. Some of them are actions, so Photo must have a PS actions support. I know this is not as easy as it is said, but it is, in mine opinion, the best possible solution.
  15. Why artboards? Aren't resizeble pages better than artboards? They can be differently oriented also -- Portrait or Landscape. And they will be same through all three apps and they can be, also, used for laying out text on multiple pages.
  16. Spot colors are also useful for printing Mono- Duo- Tri- Quad- tone materials.
  17. With Perspective Warp in PS you can add perspective view of the object(s). But, to do so, you have to have a powerful graphic card and to enable graphic processor in PS. My question is if Photo needs this processor to be enabled or it can work on even cheaper graphic cards?
  18. PS needs graphics processor to be enabled to do some tasks like Perspective Warp... Will be the same in APh, or it can be avoided somehow?
  19. Maybe it is better to inform, somehow, the plug-in developers (Topaz, Alien Skin...) that there is a new player in the game and that they must take this in consideration?
  20. Is there any tool to make grid from guides in AD or AP that will be evenly distributed inside the page or between margins? It would be nice also, all objects that are stcked to a guide to move together when moving it,
  21. Is it possible to add control points to the selection as other objects have when selected? This way the selection can be easily moved, resized -- just as an object.
  22. Here is a link to the review: http://www.photographybay.com/2015/07/11/affinity-photo-now-available-as-a-serious-photoshop-competitor/?awt_l=9ORgs&awt_m=JGy_BLMh0f62xu
  23. Just to be more clear: I think it is much better ALL the colors to be global/link colors in the process of defining them. Not to make it optional if user wants or not.
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