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  1. Thanks Carl and Garry. I'm familiar with clipping and masking, but I strictly want to use cropping.
  2. Hi, is there a way how to crop individual objects in Photo instead of the whole document?
  3. Yes, there are new development tools, new hardware, OS are not the same...
  4. Experience without enough time to do it is nothing. Publisher is 2-3 years among us and you want to have everything that InDesign or Quark... have today. We, also, have to bear in mind that Affinity team is not as big as Adobe. They had experience of making PageMaker behind them and yet, they couldn't be number one with InDesign v.1.
  5. PagePlus is history and Publisher is a brand new product. It has nothing in common with PagePlus except the company.
  6. Just an overview of InDesign features since version 1. You can see if they had implemented all the features in v.1 that we use today or it was a long journey: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://creativepro.com/downloads/A_Brief_History_of_InDesign.pdf
  7. Thanks, Garry. The layer opacity was set to 20%. I don't remember when I did it, but it remembered it some how.
  8. When I enter text in a table it is gray and in the Color panel it shows K100. I draw a rectangle above the table to compare its fill, which is correct K100, with the text fill in table (see the selected number 22) which is gray. I can't change the color of the text in multiple selected cells. It colors the background instead of the text.
  9. Another missing feature: Adding rows/columns before the first row/column.
  10. Maybe something like this from QuarkXPress: 1. Composition zones (starting from 8:00) 2. Job jackets
  11. Try this: (?<= \_).+?(?=\_[ .,]) * EDITED * NOTE: There is a space character after the first = and after [.
  12. You used different color profile. I compared conversion of M100 in InDesign and Publisher with same color settings. Can you reproduce the same result as me?
  13. I've just noticed something interested. When I create Magenta color (0 100 0 0) in InDesign and Affinity and the convert the color space to RGB, you can see some differences (see the attachment). Both, Adobe and Affinity have the same color settings so I wonder why these differences occur.
  14. Because I am familiar to Excel and I saw that all PANTONE libraries are editable in Excel, so I got the idea to see if it's going to work. I don't think there is a problem finding the location where the PANTONE libraries are, at least it wasn't for me. As I said, i'm familiar with this process and I have in plan to add more palettes this way. I'll keep a copy of them, so it won't be so hard to "install" them again, if needed.
  15. Just place the file from attachment in the folder where the other PANTONE color libraries are and you will have all CorelDRAW default colors: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher\Resources\Pantone P.S Replace Publisher with the Photo or Designer to locate the folder to copy the library. CorelDRAW default colors.csv
  16. Up to this moment you can do it only in QuarkXPress -- neither in Publisher, nor even in InDesign.
  17. Thanks, Mike. But, why you insist on only those 2 PANTONE libraries, is something wrong with the others?
  18. Yes, I use the coated one. But, what with others? They not work, or...? BTW, here is the image for an example. What I am trying is to add PANTONE color to it, to simulate duotone. Can you see if there is a problem with the image because I use all the settings you displayed.
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