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  1. That way you can make symetrical shapes (rectangles, circles...). What about freehand drawn shapes?
  2. Yes, I know. I just want to explain to Paekke and the others. :)
  3. In CorelDRAW you just select two overlaping objects of any shape and use Weld, Combine, Substract, Trim, Intersect... to get one object with differet results.
  4. May be there is no need for crop tool if rectangular (oval, column, row) marquee selection tool have resizing handles. After adjusting the selection, just press C or some other shortcut to crop it.
  5. Or, even better. Simply duplicating the object by draging with the right mouse button pressed.
  6. It would be very nice if regular shape selections in APhoto (rectangle, elipse, column, row) have resizing handles like these one shown in the attachment file.
  7. Not only in the image size panel, but everywhere is needed to change units, and to remain same when the program is restarted. It should be removed from Preferences.
  8. It would be nice not only last font, but all last units, numbers, colors, etc. This way Preferences... would be kept smaller and cleaner.
  9. Yes, Jens. I asked for that few posts before. :) +1
  10. Толку се подобруваат што не би имал ништо против да ти станам сосед. :)
  11. Is it possible to chose the units for fonts, the same way as for rulers, strokes and so on? I prefer to work in metric system rather than imperial one.
  12. PS has also interesting Rectangular Marquee Tool styles: Normal, Fixed Ratio, Fixed Size. They can be used for Crop Tool also.
  13. Why don't you start an Affinity Photo feature roadmap and tell us what are your priorities?
  14. It can be done very easily when selecting two vector objects and combine (join, intersect, trim...) them. It doesn't metter if they are circles, stars or else. Even, one can be oval, the other one square, and so on.
  15. Здраво, вдамјановски. Дали успеав да налетам на еден Македонец на овој Форум? Ако живееш во МК (Скопје) сврти на 075 39-39-49 да се чуеме. Поздрав.
  16. What are the future directions of APh: editing; photo managment; painting, or mixture of everything?
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