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  1. Just to add one more suggestion: ALL colors in AD, APh and Apub must be "global" (an Adobe term) by their deffinition. Means, when you change the color later in your work, all the instances of that color must be changed, even in the gradients and transparences.
  2. It would be very nice if you make an effort to allow PS actions to be imported, just for those ones who already own hundreds of them.
  3. Sorry I am posting this here and because I feel free to send you my idea about your logos. I was late for the topic in "News and Information" to comment about Affinity's new brand logos, so please, don't be offended with my sugestion. Here it is in PDF format. affinity.pdf
  4. I think he would like to know if Designer, or Photo is going to be only photo editor and photo manager, or it is going to have an artistic capabilities like Painter,
  5. All colors should be defined as "global" like in AI. When such a global color is changed, it should be automatically renamed with the new color values.
  6. Is it possible to make grid with "Step and Repeat"? For instance, 3 (columns) x 5 (rows)? And with an amount of space? All that in one window.
  7. Do you have in mind "transporting" Adobe's Illustrator tool "Live Painting"? It is very nice and timesaving tool.
  8. There is pretty nice (hidden) way of using shortcuts in Photoshop for Windows. It is used to use the same parameters to others photos. It would be very nice if APh do the same. First step (using mouse): 1. open a photo; 2. mouse click on (let say) Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation...; 3. change some values; 4. click OK. Second step (using keyboard): 1. open another photo; 2. while holding <ALT> pressed all the time, press I, A, H on the keyboard and release <ALT> key after that; 3. now you see the same values you altered on the previous photo; 4. click OK.
  9. Why do you think Adobe is not a benchmark? If it is not, then who is? Serious designers use Illustrator not because it is too easy to learn, but because of myriad of options it has. My opinion is that Affinity devs must have all the competiting software and see what is the best in them and put it in their app but done in their way.
  10. That said, the name Designer is better suited for the name of all three aplications joined together.
  11. It is absolutelly wrong. No one designer uses only one kind of app. Everyone needs something from all these 3 apps. And so it will be absolute need for only one app that will merge all the three of them. It is very irritating to jump from one to another app just to do a portion of the job and then to continue to the third one, and so on. I completelly agree with Achim63, and I have posted this same question a month or two, ago.
  12. I don't think so. My opinion is that it can help designers to work quicker and easier and make an extraordinary designs in no time.
  13. It would be very nice and very usefull if every vector segment of an object could have a different attribute like this one in attachment (even transparency or gradient fill). Never mind if it is a closed or opened object. If it is closed, then it must be possible to fill it. rectangle.pdf
  14. Yes, it is my way of working -- as I mentioned at the beggining of the post, but I forgot to emphasize it, sorry. ;)
  15. At the end the result is 0, because all three terms mean the same, i.e. ghosts = clones = symbols. :D
  16. And the others apps behave the same. In InDesign you can also change the color of the stroke while it's stroke width is zero. Nothing strange. You should use it like it is.
  17. But, as I know, PDF format does not support layers. So, what is the benefit of importing/exporting PDFs if it doesn't remember layers? Why not AI?
  18. Yes Camloken, you are right. I meant exactly what you say. The letter will be thiner (lighter). But... in every app that outline is an option, stroke width is set to zero. If you want to use outlines you need to change the width and select a color. So, this option is implemented in AD exactly as it should.
  19. My opinion is that the panels should be docked in a horiznotal line like Canvas (it is really great) as I mentioned in some privious post. That way they will be accesed much quicker because they will be in front of you instead left or right. On big monitors left/right docker panels are not so easily reached.
  20. Double-click or Enter as a second option (like Photoshop).
  21. Is APh going to have features like Corel Painter (not Corel Photo-Paint) and like Apperture?
  22. I'm sorry, but I don't understand that AI format is private. QuarkXPress imports AI files, so does CorelDRAW and I think a lot more apps import AI format files.
  23. No. it is not a good idea. Text would be deminished by the outline width. It is good the way it works now.
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