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  1. Hi Nathan, I have eproblems with left indent in IDML file I sent to you. So, I can indent left and right a centered paragraph in a new document without any problem, but in the IDML file when I try to indent the paragraph from the left, only second linee moves, not the whole paragraph. Right indent works well.
  2. Thanks @PÅ¡enda, I downloaded them from there and the hyphen dictionary from another location (I don't remember where from), but I noticed that my mistake was that I pointed to the "hr_HR" folder instead of "Dictionaries" in "Preferences > Tools". Now, it is OK.
  3. Hi, I tried to install Croatioan (hr_HR} spelling and hyphenation dictionaries on the location displayed in "Preferences > Tools", but they doesn't show up in "Language" section after restarting Publisher, even after restarting the computer. Any help will be appreciated. hr_HR.rar
  4. ...I created a new document and a paragraph style ("aaa") with bottom decoration on. When I start to change the left indent and after that the right one, I saw that the decoration travels with the number, which is a bug. untitled.afpub
  5. Hi Nathan, I think I found another bug. Please, open the same file I sent you and locate to a text with big number and decoration bellow. It is formated with "55 Naslov - broj". Now, I can't apply left indent to it and also I can't change the decoration position and size.
  6. Also, any news about importing footnotes and endnotes from IDML?
  7. Thank you very much Nathan. Images where already embeded in InDesign, I just converted to IDML and open it in Publisher. What about streching?
  8. According to the image he sent, all options I mentioned are in game. If there is some other complicated case, he could send such.
  9. I created the IDML from correct INDD file. So, nothing like you mentioned.
  10. Well, he can put the headers on one master and other elements on other(s). Then he can decide which masters to assign on which pages.
  11. No such thing. What about the repeating image? Pub changes all images with the first one.
  12. I gave him an idea. It is up to him how he will use it.
  13. Select the page from which you want to remove the header and apply an empty master to it.
  14. Or, even better, you can add to style a white decoration at the top and as thick as need it to mask it.
  15. Hi, when importing IDML file, Publisher remembers the first image and replace the others with it. If the frame differs in size from the original one it streches the image as shown. Same in retail v2.0.4 and in the Beta
  16. Please Affinity, add an option in Preferences or with some modifier key to crop objects in Photo, not only the canvas.
  17. Hi, can some be so kind to explain to me what is the difference between the Crop to pixel selection and the standard crop. Meaning, what extra can be achieved with the first one that can't be done with the second? I watched the video and what I saw is, in the end, the result is the same with a few steps more or less.
  18. Do you think of these two missing functionalities: Photo's personas are missing when you open Photo by clicking on Photo persona in Publisher; When you select an image to modify it thorugh a Photo persona in Publisher, you get only flatenned image, not all the layers it has.
  19. I wonder why Affinity insists on standard colors instead of global ones only? InDesign and Quark support only global colors.
  20. Hi, I would like to hear from A-Team: do you have in plan to offer more affonts? do you plan to add cyrilic (and other) languages support? how can we edit these fonts? Any font editor that supports them?
  21. Using styles must be optional, not obligatory. InDesign and Quark don't ask you to use styles.
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