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  1. This way you can lost all local formating (bold, italic...).
  2. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=publisher+data+merge
  3. I don't know what app was used to produce the PDF because I downloaded it from a web site.
  4. Here is a PDF file (original.pdf) that was imported in v.2 of Publisher and produced the same errors as in v.1 (marked with magenta in original in Publisher v.2.pdf). Original in Publisher v.2.pdf Original.pdf
  5. You can modify/check your working profile everytime you create a new document under "File > New > Color".
  6. Are they cruical for the job? If so, start a new thread in Features request forum.
  7. No roadmaps for the users. They have their internal one. Any new features will be added when the second number in the version number increases: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3...
  8. What is your working profile and do you have "Preferences > Color > Convert to working profile" checked?
  9. Why don't you explore Snapping tool (on the toolbar) in depth? There are plenty of options and I believe you will find the right one.
  10. It is all about how Affinity team created (PDF) import/export filters based on that how deep they analized the file structure so far.
  11. BTW, PDF always embeds images. Maybe, just maybe, the problem arises if you import PDF with 72 dpi images and on export, if you set the dpi to 300, Affinity resamples them?
  12. Rasterize the image (JPG, TIF...); Click on Develop persona; Make the changes you want; Click Develop. You are back again to Photo.
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