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  1. Yup, this one is on me 100%...figured out the source of the mess. Sorry about this. Please delete the topic.
  2. did a maintenance routine with onyx (the mbp was wiped before this issue and restored to a clean after install time machine save) also deleted the affinity apps and now just installed ap from the app store...seems to start fine, will compare the current app store serve size to my saved one, if identical I'll attempt to install the rest from saved pkg
  3. Hey Updated all my Affinity apps on my old macbook pro too from 1.7 to 1.7.3 and nothing works. None of them starts. The same version works fine on a 2011 mac mini, 16gb ram, same os version (actually I installed from the saved pkg (legit mac app store purchase) of that machine, like before. I rebooted and let and checked/repaired permissions...no change. Will put back the prev version if there is no other way. Please help. Thanks Peter photo.txt designer.txt publisher.txt
  4. Hey Slap a Fixed sign on this, no crashing for me today, and hopefully ever again. What a relief, yesterday morning was an exhausting experience for me, but I guess if I want great tools I also have to do my part in making them work. Was the profile too "precise" for the apps taste? Because while the results are great, the calibration process sure as hell took 80min/display on the fastest setting as opposed to the old and now incompatible colorvision software which was like 15 tops. All the best, Peter
  5. Hello Andy Wow, that was fast! I'll check on the new builds soon. Thanks for dealing with this issue in such a short time! Peter
  6. Hey After spending my entire morning trying to get the affinity apps to work on my macs I found out that using .icc profiles in system settings which were produced by dispcalGUI crashes both affinity apps instantly on startup! Switching to the default uncalibrated system profile everything works but of course this is not a solution. This happens with both my macs, macbook pro (early 2008, 4gb, ssd), mac mini (mid 2011, 16gb, ssd, 2 cinema displays) os is 10.10.5 on both, fresh installs btw, calibrated with spyder2 colorimeter using dispcalGUI. I attached one cinema display icc. Using this on your own system will of course result in shifted colors, but the crashing issue can hopefully be traced to it's roots. Selecting this as a system default profile in os x display settings will get the crashing-party started with AP and AD, but as soon as you select the os default all will be well again. Phase one's capture one Pro has no problem while using the same profile. I have nothing else to test against anymore, since I just ditched Adobe Ps and Ai... I need help with this issue badly. I need AP working asap. All the best, Peter display1-32714cdd2cbaa65740cc7d4a58de20b9.icc.zip
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