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  1. Same thing happens. Thanks for the effort though. To my knowledge there is no apple approved method to reinstall older versions of MAS apps. Which is laughable considering the fact the ios store has every version of an app ever posted by it's dev so I think is a safe bet that The MAS is the same. (This is a fact, I also used this charles proxy trick to get back and old game's .ipa) Meanwhile I've been requested to grab the log of what is going on and seems like publisher is either looking for a product key (serif store) or a MAS receipt but since the .pkg reinstall doesn't create a receipt it ignores the otherwise present ap/ad apps. Lovely. Can the App store be forced via Terminal to reinstall from local source? Like how itunes can be forced to reinstall ios from a downloaded .ipsw file? Can someone confirm that an installed and working affinity suite remains functional if it's restored from a time machine backup when erase the hd and restore a time machine backup with disk utility? This in theory should save everything (the dreaded MAS receipt too).
  2. Hi everyone! -I only ever used to time machine to create a single image snapshot of my fresh/clean systems to restore with disk utility. This process is kind of a reset button. I rarely have to go to such lenghts: last time I used it the GPU of my mbp was replaced (yes, seriously) and before I handed over my mac I removed all my stuff via target disk mode and left a blank system for the time of the repair and restored my backup after I got the mac back. I never reached back to grab a deleted file with time machine. The MAS install does NOT create the files and folders I screen grabbed and posted earlier. I kept those folder open during the MAS install and nothing was created until I actually launched the app. I suspect that the affinity bundle only check with MAS if another app is installed or not meaning if the installation happened any other way (app grabbed from the "past", installed from .pkg) there will be no MAS ticket of it and Publisher will start nagging about the broken Studiolink instead of actually letting users point it to the other installed apps like we do with plugins. -MAS always grabs the full installer if it can't find the app in Applications. Once I didn't delete them and it only grabbed a smaller delta update installer, which alone didn't install a thing as it only contained the diff between the installed and the new version (obviously). If the above is truth, then how does an affinity store publisher link to MAS photo and designer or the other way around? I tried to be cooperative here to solve this and I honestly don't think I caused this. I made my purchases at the time with the best intention: to support the development early but now I feel like I've been shot in the foot.
  3. I'm speechless, as an early adopter I bought the first two when they were only available at the MAS and now I had to fight half a day testing out variations only to find out that there is no way to do this other than ! maybe ! with time machine. And I'm not even sure about that as replacing the 1.9.1 MAS version with it's saved version failed as well. So it fails even if there was no rolling back. Maybe if I restore a single time machine backup with disk utility. Would that work? I certainly see this as defect of the method chosen by the devs. Instead of the buy button there should be "link designer/photo" option. Why is Publisher asking the app store instead of looking around or giving a user an option to point to the apps like with plugins? Restoring an entire system to roll back one app is a total overkill if it even works. I would also like to know why is 10.9 and 10.10 is still supported if testing doesn't go to the lengths of pressing command+N? As "Old Bruce" suggested I could just click the white text on white button version but I'm more concerned about what else could be broken if this is still like this after the release log of 1.9.1 stated that it was fixed. Of course this would be an easy fix if I had an affinity version which was not available when I bought the first two. And looking around here there is no way to switch. I'm sorry but this leaves me with a sour taste.
  4. I'll try to be short: Macbook pro, mac mini, both on 10.10.5 same apps on both, nothing updated other than waterfox classic, the browser. No sync or shared backup, no icloud. I bought all apps from MAS and quickly realized that I need a better affinity backup solution then time machine. I just wanted to save the installers, so I started to grab the .pkg files that the MAS downloads but deletes later. If I prefer to I can roll back a version. Or at least I could have for a while. Turns out studiolink is broken if the app is installed from the saved .pkg file. In this case the MAS doesn't even see the installed apps on the purcahsed tab. No matter which version I install from .pkg, it's broken, even if I haven't removed any other file than the actual app from the applications folder. 1.9.1 is ok installed from the MAS but if the app is deleted and reinstalled from the freshly saved .pkg: it's broken. So there is nothing shared between the two machines just same thing happens: A new version comes out, I delete the old apps from applications but normally nothing else (this is needed to get a full installer and not a delta) and download and saved the new .pkg. Till now the problem didn't show because I never needed to roll back. 1.9 greeted me with a fell apart black and white new doc panel...this started the roll back craze. Btw the apps start for me with the same speed on all versions I tried during this investigation (1.7.3, 1.8.4 and the current ones), do I don't have the slow start problem. I would save a time machine image with a working studio link but at this point the "new file" ui panel is still broken if the light theme is selected. Maybe with 1.9.2 it gets fixed. See pic! I would be happier with 1.8.4, as it seems 1.9 is not really being tested to work with yosemite anymore. Any ideas from devs how to link the apps manually? How does the affinity store version solve this? Too bad the only option was MAS when I bought the firs two apps.
  5. Sorry, had a busy day. Will get back to you once I tried the 1.9.1 builds. There is still no good answer to why is this function also dead on my other mac where I never removed the files. I'm fine with the terminal, as long as you tell me what to type in. I use the console to figure out running times and whatnot.
  6. Here, you go! (Sorry for the delay, had to leave early yesterday for covid testing...still negativ...yay!) com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.appinfo com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner.appinfo com.seriflabs.affinitypublisher.appinfo
  7. As I said before the studiolink function stopped working ! before ! I removed these. The apps regenerate them on launch, these are not from MAS but a later .pkg based install. I may have unmodified files on my other mac that's not with me right not. Do you still want them?
  8. I'll look up what were the folders I removed but to be fair I only did this after I noticed that the function is broken. All I ever trashed before was the .app files from the application folder. The MAS is installed them from these exact files so how come it doesn't work if I manually reinstall them? Found them!
  9. App store still shows 1.9.0 for me. All apps are from MAS. The backups are the .pkg files the App Store downloads. I copy them before it deletes them. I'm on yosemite 10.10.5 and can't go higher on this machine becauso of a nikon app that only works on this version but tied to a work-camera. 1.9 had some nasty ui bugs if switched to light version so I wanted to go back to 1.8.4. AP and AD apps were launched before Publisher. All apps are in the root of the applications folder. It says "app launch required". I would like to find a solution where I'm not tied to redownloading from the app store as that defeats the purpose of backing up installers.
  10. I've found and deleted these files on mac an everything serif named and reinstalled the 1.8.4 version of all apps to the applications folder but publisher still doesn't see them. Can you guys help me out here?
  11. Hi, I reinstalled all 1.8.4 from mas backed up .pkg files. They are all in the root of the applications folder. Launched all, deleted the prefs yet publisher doesn't see them. I downgraded from 1.9. What can I do now? Thanks in advance.
  12. Yeah, I did that thanks. I save the mac app store installers whenever I download a new version. I don't see a slowdown on this old system just visual glitches so far, if those are ironed out this 1.9 thing could be promising.
  13. Hi there Could you guys please tell me which version of photo/designer/publisher was last tested on osx yosemite 10.10.5? I know it's still supported, but with 1.9 I'm seeing a ui glitches on literally the first panel one engages with when starting a new project so I figured the focus is on the current system. Anyone who feels like suggesting which version was the most bug free I'm listening. Thanks
  14. On 10.10.5 all three apps are showing the "new" panel like this, with mixed dark/light elements!
  15. Yup, this one is on me 100%...figured out the source of the mess. Sorry about this. Please delete the topic.
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