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    Bunts reacted to Busenitz in Launchpad - Removal of Affinity Photo Beta icon   
    I believe this is a Mac issue.  Apps that are not downloaded from the App Store do not have the X to delete from the Launch pad.  Most will disappear if you drag them from the App Folder to the Trash, but some remain.  I've done some googling, and the best I've come up with is a work around that I have a folder with all the icons from deleted apps.  
    Could be wrong, but I think this is NOT an Affinity issue.
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    Bunts reacted to peter in Launchpad - Removal of Affinity Photo Beta icon   
    I've just dragged an icon from my dock and as I moved it, a Remove? tab appeared.
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    Bunts reacted to DonatoF in Launchpad - Removal of Affinity Photo Beta icon   
    In the Launchpad, hold down the alt (or option if you prefer) key, and the icons start to "wiggle" around with an "x" on top of the icon, just click the x to delete that application..
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    Bunts got a reaction from Paul Bravery in Launchpad - Removal of Affinity Photo Beta icon   
    Paul, many thanks.
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    Bunts reacted to Paul Bravery in Launchpad - Removal of Affinity Photo Beta icon   
    Hi Bunts,
    That is probably because the Beta is still in the Applications folder.
    Trash the Beta & empty the Trash, it should be gone from Launchpad then.
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    Bunts reacted to MattP in The Pumpkin Tutorial   
    Wow, that took me some time to digest, Mike! :) Great tutorial - and some truly, truly terrible puns thrown in for good measure! ;)  (I particularly refer to "Boolean isn't a diet food for ghosts" - lol!)
    Thanks for the massive amounts of work that have gone into this - I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to part 2! :)
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    Bunts reacted to MEB in The Pumpkin Tutorial   
    Hi JohnM,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums.
    You may also check Discover Affinity Designer & Affinity Designer Feature Overview to get an overall overview of the application. Here's a link to the full list of video tutorials available on Vimeo.
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    Bunts reacted to JohnM in The Pumpkin Tutorial   
    I'm a long time amateur Page Plus user and was waiting for Affinity Publisher to arrive but after seeing this I'm inspired and I think I will have to ask Father Christmas to buy me a Mac.
    The presentation and style of the tutorial showing a worked example is just what I need to get to grips with AFFINITY.
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    Bunts reacted to Dutch in The Pumpkin Tutorial   
    FANTASTIC !!!  
    Looks like you've put a lot of work (and thought) into this… and all that for newbies (like me at the tender age of 61) and for old-hands vector vets...
    mighty nice and generous of you Mike, it is very much appreciated  (I need all the help I can get)  Lots and lots of thanks!!
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    Bunts reacted to peter in The Pumpkin Tutorial   
    Wow! It's like having Stan Lee on board. 
      Well, this is what I asked for...so I'm gonna download it. NOW. 
    Ps I've thrown my hat cat into the ring, I want that tablet! It has got to be better than using the mouse.
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    Bunts reacted to CartoonMike in The Pumpkin Tutorial   
    Okay all, here's what I've been up to: it's 35 pages, almost 100 images, tutorial on beginning to use Affinity Designer. It one of my "In Action" tutorials, where we start right off creating new documents and learn all kinds of stuff along the way. It's not just a "How to do this" tutorial, it's a "How to do this because..." tutorial. Sometimes it's good to get the whys of things as much as the how. Hopefully, this tutorial begins to do it.
    Here's the link to the box folder where all the files live:
    It contains the PDF and PNG file and the ZIP file, which contains the pdf and png, incase somebody doesn't like to download ZIP files from an unknown source.
    this tutorial was written for newbies, but old-hands at Vector apps may find it good.
    I"ll be working on finishing it as the week progresses, but I gotta get working on my comics. Daddy's gotta make money.
    Any comments or such, post 'em here or send me an message via this board. 
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    Bunts reacted to MattP in affinity photo - beta time -   
    The beta of Photo is free to participate in and will run until the product meets everyone's expectations :) There is no time limit on it. New beta versions will be made available as we progress with bug fixes and new features.
    The beta of Designer is only available to customers who have already purchased Designer on the Mac App Store - its purpose is to allow customers early access to the upcoming features rather than having to wait for an App Store update to be approved. It is also possible to run the Designer beta as a trial version for 10 days if you have not purchased Designer already. Perhaps this is where the 'n' day confusion is coming from?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Bunts reacted to Leafdancing in affinity photo - beta time -   
    Affinity have said they will be releasing new Betas of Affinity Photo regularly up until the first full app release. weekly to begin with ( a new Beta next Monday, I believe ), with bug fixes, new features etc, so you should have plenty time to evaluate :)
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    Bunts reacted to davidpwrmc in Installing Affinity Designer   
    Sometimes a file can get "locked" by the system and, if you then throw that file in the Trash and try to empty the Trash, said file will not be able to be deleted.  
    If that is the case with your beta file, then you can try the following:  hold down the OPTION key and then choose EMPTY TRASH from the Finder menu.  Holding down the OPTION key will override any locked settings on the file that is in the Trash and thus allow that file to be deleted.  
    So, give it a try.  If that approach does not work, then perhaps someone else has an idea of how to delete that file. 
      - David  
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