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  1. Hi Lee, Ahhhhh...I think it's because I've used the 'erase' effect in the layers. Never thought of this, thank you! Is there a much better way to do this? I'll upload the file of the logo itself :) Thanks Lee! Affinity YB Logo.afdesign
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to export a file that includes text and a logo to a PDF so that I can have business cards printed. For some reason, no matter which PDF export that I choose, the logo turns out rasterized and slightly 'pixelated'. All the the text is exporting crystal clear. The document is in CMYK and the logo is vector as well...so I'm not entirely sure why it's not exporting cleanly. I've searched through the forums and found that the export functionality seems to be questionable but I believe it's probably just a mistake on my end in this case... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, -T EDIT: I'm using Affinity Designer!
  3. Thanks again for taking the time to help out RNKLN and gdenby! I downloaded the file you provided and it works great! Thanks. For some reason I still can't translate the steps to my own logo - and it could be partially to do with my logo is in 3 pieces. Is there a 'merge' function like there is in Illustrator? Thanks guys.
  4. Hi RNKLN, Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately it does not allow me to hit 'Subtract' - and only highlights 'Divide'. :huh:
  5. Hi folks, I'm back at it again with a simple question! (I have purchased the Designer book so hopefully will have less and less questions as I learn more) Basically I'm just trying to make the letters and logo 'cut' into the black for a reverse print. I've played with the blending mode to 'erase' but I don't think that's the best way to do it, especially once I have to export? I've also converted the text to curves to try to figure it out...and just changing the blend mode to erase makes it totally disappear. I'm not sure if I should be dragging it to create a mask? I know if I drag it onto the black it does the opposite of what I want to do.. ha :) Thanks again for the help you guys always give, -T
  6. Ah, you guys are awesome - thanks for the quick replies! Got the Guides Manager all figured out now, thank you. Now to figure out how to add bleeds or margins to each quarter... :lol:
  7. Hi all, Sorry I'm about to ask a very basic question but I haven't found quite what I'm looking for in the forums or in the tutorials. I have limited knowledge of graphic design programs (just bought the new Affinity Designer work book though!). All I'm looking to do is create some template documents that can be used to create tags for a retail store. I have just been using msft Publisher in the past, but wanted to try it out with Designer. And I would prefer not to purchase an InDesign license at this time. What's the easiest/best way to separate a letter size document into segments (ie. add guides to the document showing 4 quarters). I was trying to set the margins, etc but there's gotta be an easy way to adjust the grid or margins to show on the document? Sorry for the simple question! Thanks, T
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to work with a .psd file in Affinity Photo and having trouble getting it to work correctly. I tried searching the forum and I found that it may be automatically rasterizing smart objects? Is there a different way that Affinity works to 'edit' when Photoshop asks to 'Right Click to Edit'? Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a simple question! With that said - does anyone know of any t-shirt mock up templates made specifically for Photo/Designer? :) Cheers, Tanner
  9. Thanks pioneer! Sounds like a viable option for sure. Thanks MEB! Definitely not a bad price point on their 'opening' level Intuos tablets. I was just drawn towards the Huion tablets due to the fact it looks like you can get a more advanced tablet for the same price as a basic Wacom. Then again Wacom seems more to be the standard in graphic tablets. Cheers, thanks!
  10. Anyone else have any recommendations on a good 'starter' graphic tablet? Sorry to bump up an older post. Cheers!
  11. Just purchased this set...because I'm a sucker for promo codes :) Just starting to play around with Designer from watching tutorials - look forward to learning the brushes as well now too! Cheers.
  12. I just recently purchased both Designer & Photo...these are great to have. Thank you!
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