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  1. Definitely add me to the list looking for a DAM. I don't want to tell you how to do you DAM but I'd like to add a couple of requirements... Please can we have: Support for Albums, Smart albums, Tagging, Rating, Keywords, Annotating, batch rename, etc. Please, please provide GeoTagging and reverse geo tagging (like HoudanGeo). Also pretty please, provide the ability to move asset files between drives without loosing them (Aperture did this well, Capture One catalogs don't seem to be able to track moves) Extra points will be awarded for support image based searches. Give the search engine one image and let it find similar images. Perhaps there is somewhere we can formally submit requirements or register to be Alpha or Beta testers... Many thanks Jonathan
  2. Wow! Thanks Leigh, took a couple of attempts to get it right. Not sure which tutorial makes the subtle drag differences clear. Anyway, I'm happy now :)
  3. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Photo and using the tutorials... I'd like to add a border to a jpeg that I've cropped. I've 'merged visible' layers. Dragged out the rectangle and then I get a problem. The tutorial shows click dragging the rectangle to the pixel layers and the rectangle then becomes a mask. However, for me the layer nests into the pixel layer but floats over the pixels?!?! I guess I have some other option set incorrectly? I'm using Affinity Photo 1.3.5. Any suggests very welcome. Thanks, Jonathan borders.tiff